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I had double total knee replacements on 5/20/08. Today marks the four week post operative period and I am still battling pain, sleepless nights and gruesome physical therapy. But I am making progress. This progress cannot be measured day to day but rather week to week. I booked off from work three months and I believe I will need all of that time to recover and gain full range of motion. I have read that some people reach a blue period and cry. Well, join the club! Although I don't cry any longer, I still feel down about the pain and the uphill recovery battle. Without strong family support, recovery would only be that much more difficult. Fortunately, my husband has been coming through for me. He helps me with lugging the raised toilet seat up and down the stairs, fetching my medications and icing my knees after therapy. He also does all the grocery shopping as I cannot drive yet. I tire easily and the sleepless nights certainly add to the problem. I'm hoping that the last month of my LOA will at least be somewhat enjoyable!

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