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Jun 18, 2008
I just had a lateral release done do to knee cap slipping and lateral tracking issue. Today i saw my surgeon again for my second time since surgery, Its been about 3 weeks now. Anyways, he said theres only a 75% chance this will HELP my problem. I have this problem in my right to he figures its genetic.

So from what he thought before surgery and before i got xrays again, he thought i could of had bowed legs, but xrays cleared that and all was fine it was a relief! So he wanted to scope it within 6 weeks so i had that done may 27th. First visit 6 days post-op was fine was just giving more pain meds and physio.

Now he said theres something about only being a 75% chance of this helping because of some bone that needs correcting or something with the bone! I DONT KNOW WHAT! I know my MRI showed Narrowing of the cavity that the knee cap sits in id ont know if thats what hes meaning now or not, and i wont KNOW for 4 weeks which is KILLING me!

Ive found KNOW one who actually has had a similar issue or ANY info on this stuff its impossible!

i dont know what this means as to what will now solve this issue other than something with the bone but it would be within my knee i figure but what can fix that.. im just NOT wanting to have to be led down to a path where my only option will be replace it and fact is IM YOUNG! 17! I just dont want to have to suffer!

Anything honestly anything right now will help clear my mind!!

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