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New from S GA THR
Jun 21, 2008
:dizzy:Hi Everyone, Have been reading, as you suggest, from you "6 months after" forums. Am almost finished.
Apparently none of you have had THR in S Georgia so I will update to some other fears and worries I have. Yes, even after reading so many of your wonderful, factful, posts.
First of all, as I said, I am scheduled for surgery at the end of July and I am resigned to having it because I know it is not going to get better. However, after reading some of the things you all have had to deal with, I feel sort of insignificent. You all were in terrible, grinding pain, most of you, and I know that everyone has a different level for pain tolerance, and mine IS getting worse, but so far, not what you have described. The OS has told me that the joint is gone, mainly from OA and that it will probably turn out to be worse than it looks on the xray and I can see the damage for myself.
This same surgeon has replaced my husband's knees and I am as confident as I can be of any doctor at this point.
I do HAVE pain, I cannot lift my leg into the car, I cannot reach that foot, without real pain. It hurts to walk but not as you describe. I limp, I drag that foot, I have fallen down 8 times in the last two years, that leg is weak, the knee on that side hurts if I limp so I try not to. My father had both hips replaced and had no pain except in his knees prior to surgery. My range of motion is great, can still squat with no pain, bend over to touch the floor, slowly of course, I am 60 and I hate the idea that all that will be gone. Now, it's like if I don't move, I don't hurt (that much, yeah right) so when you all say (yes, I said South Georgia) that the pain will be gone it, how will I know? The surgery site is not going to feel good, I understand that- but with all the things one cannot do after surgery, how does one know it is better. Apparently all the ways I love to sit, such as with my feet drawn up under me, the easy, although painful bending over, not being able to tie my shoe or paint my toenails on that side without pain LOL, will be off limits anyway. AND, I am reading where you all have a lot of tripping and falling down after surgery. I thought at least THAT would be better.
We just put in a costly addition to our house, including a whirlpool and bidet, and it looks like I wont even be able to use them.
Please help. I know I am terribly afraid that I wont even be able to get through surgery due to an earlier, near fatal experience, not related, where things went from bad to worse to the worst. As I said I am resigned to going through with it but I would really love some moral support. My husband has been superb and I am sure will continue to be, but hips are different than knees. Am I going to regret this because my range of motion will be so affected or will that gradually improve. I am so afraid that I will forget and do something, later, when and if I improve, such as move in a contortionistic (is that a word?) manner and dislocate, that I am waking up at night in cold sweats worrying about that and other fears of this whole thing. Please help!!!!

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