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I came here too because of pain in my right hip after THR last August. I don't have a dr. appt for a couple more days but I want to be armed with as much information as I can.

My biggest concern is that it is loosening, or worse case scenerio, an infection. However, everything I've read says it's so very hard to diagnose an infection in the fake joint, especially at the beginning stages before any real bone damage is done. (lovely thought eh?)

I also did not do much PT after the replacement, and now my other hip is getting bad (but they say it does not need a replacement... HA! They told me that about my other hip for over 10 years until I needed a wheelchair!) so I am not doing much walking or physical activity either.

If I were you I would try the shot... that way if it is the sciatic nerve and the pain goes away with the shot, you know that's what it is. Maybe also follow up on possible back issues.

I sometimes wonder if a length discrepancy could be the problem... I get excrutiating pain above my knee in the muscle area at times...

Anyway, I hope others will chime in here as well and I wish you the best in figuring this out. (and don't be afraid to keep going back to the doctors and demanding they do something else to figure this out!)[/QUOTE]

I've been given Arthrotec 75 which my primary called in to the pharmacy. It is similar to Celebrex. It has an extra ingredient in it to coat the stomach and save stomach damage. It's working pretty good, and I have only taken one pill this morning. Add that to the list of questions for your doctor. I am just scared of blood clots with this type of drug. Remember that big scare with Vioxx and all the other medications like Aleve ect and warnings about NSAID therapy. All about Cox2 inhibitors. What can we do though?

I had a terrible accident this morning not being able to make it to the bathroom with diarrhea. My son was so upset with me. I am so embarrassed.


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