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I have the exact same thing on BOTH knees. After going through over a possibly 2 months of physio it might have been, the results NOT so good. my left knee is considerably worse than my right. While i was doing physio it started to actually cause me more pain than helping. my left knee cap started to slip and my right knee was starting to crack and started to have pain. So i switched orthopedic surgeons, seen as i tired physio and it made it worse he wanted up to date xrays to make sure my legs weren't bowed because he thought they might have been, they came up fine so it was the only option surgery in 6 weeks. So im about a month and a few weeks post-op. I'm having mixed feelings about it only because I'd have more of a success rate in my right knee than my left because of the fact my left knee cap slips.

he said the bone has something wrong with it and if this doesn't correct it ill have to have some kind of bone surgery. Im not exactly sure what is involved with that.
But i know others who have had it and have had an 85% success rate and fixed there problem completely. I have a 75% chance of full recovery.
I currently have doubts that this will fix my left but i feel it will definitely fix my right when i get it done.

If i after reading things about the fact about its not RIGHT for everyone choose not to go through with it i think i would kick myself. Other than the fact i know im running a risk for this not to work. the fact is theres still high success rates. Im in ALOT less pain with it i find it just pops still the odd time which makes me a little nervous for it to be doing it again but it could be from my muscles still being weak.

I would get it checked out with an ortho and then see if they'll fix it. Physio can help but from what i read the longer its left with this problem the harder it is to put back. I think it all depends on the knee and person.

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