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Preparing for THR in three weeks. I've been reading this board for several months now just trying to understand it all. I have suffered for years not really knowing that it was my hip. When I think back remembering how difficult it was to get out of my car, having to "click" my leg back in place and having to stand in place for a few minutes before I could take that first step, geez it hurt. It's gotta be at least 4-5 years that I have had this pain.

I had been seeing a chiropractor for sciatia and lower back, well, at least that's what the xrays revealed. The hip was never xrayed, though. Last October, I finally made an appointment with an orthorpedic doctor whom I had seen for a severe sprained ankle after a fall. (Humm, left ankel, left hip!) He immediately informed me that I needed a hip replacement. I can remember responding, "I'm not old enough to need a hip replaced. I'm only 54. My hip doesn't hurt", as I am pointing to my waist, hip bone area" He then explained to me that the hip mechanism is actually in the pelvic, thigh area. I decided that he was nuts, and I drove to work. After thinking about it I turned around and decided to at least have the xrays done. Because of insurance requirements, I had to have the xrays done at the hospital. He called me the next day and said, " I was right, THR." I asked when, he said "when you are ready". Last June, I went back and said, "I'm ready".

This board has been so helpful. I've modified my bathroom. Installed the raised toilet seat. I should have bought that a looonnng time ago. I have my grocery list ready in order to stock the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. I still have to get the sock donner and dressing stick. Didn't know those things existed. I haven't worn socks, stockings or even tennis shoes in years. Heck, I haven't painted my own toenails in years. Can't reach them.
Shaving the legs, well, as Melissa Peterson (Reba) said, "If you ain't expecting company......".

I do have a question about the height of my bed. My bed is rather high and I haven't had difficulties in getting in and out. I do not use a stool to get into my bed. I could move into my guest room where the bed is a standard height. Post surgery, high or low, request your opinions, please.

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