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Dear Maggie:

I can't even remember the first couple of days after my hip replacement surgery. They take such good care of you in the hospital and give you very good meds for pain relief. I don't really remember any pain. We got lovely meals in the hospital - every woman who had been at that same hospital raved about the "gourmet meals". They were even served by waiters in black tie and white shirt - they looked like fancy restaurant waiters. It was fun even from a hospital bed! I felt like a queen.

In a hospital, there is the usual very frequent taking of vital signs day and night. I had a urinary catheter in the hospital so that solved the bathroom problem. I don't mind catheters at all. No biggie in my opinion. It was taken out after I got to the rehab place, I think. Then they brought in a commode which was put right in the room near the wall opposite the bed. I used that just a couple of days, using a walker, then walked to the bathroom in the room, using a walker.

Once transported to the rehab place, things got better fast. They really get hip replacement ladies up on their feet very fast! Of course it is not a picnic at first, but I assure you that every day gets better.

Whenever I have to take an antibiotic, I eat plain unsugared yogurt after I finish the course of anti biotic.This yogurt must have active enzymes in it. I don't know if it really helps to put back good bugs in our gut, but I like to think that it does. I like to cut up fresh strawberries or canned fruit and mix it in with the yogurt. That is a tasty treat!

Try to not worry so much. It looks like your doctors are doing all the right things. :)
I look forward to hearing from you after your surgery - as soon as you feel like sitting at the computer in your nice, high, chair with arms! :D

Shirley H.
Preparing for THR in three weeks. I've been reading this board for several months now just trying to understand it all. I have suffered for years not really knowing that it was my hip. When I think back remembering how difficult it was to get out of my car, having to "click" my leg back in place and having to stand in place for a few minutes before I could take that first step, geez it hurt. It's gotta be at least 4-5 years that I have had this pain.

I had been seeing a chiropractor for sciatia and lower back, well, at least that's what the xrays revealed. The hip was never xrayed, though. Last October, I finally made an appointment with an orthorpedic doctor whom I had seen for a severe sprained ankle after a fall. (Humm, left ankel, left hip!) He immediately informed me that I needed a hip replacement. I can remember responding, "I'm not old enough to need a hip replaced. I'm only 54. My hip doesn't hurt", as I am pointing to my waist, hip bone area" He then explained to me that the hip mechanism is actually in the pelvic, thigh area. I decided that he was nuts, and I drove to work. After thinking about it I turned around and decided to at least have the xrays done. Because of insurance requirements, I had to have the xrays done at the hospital. He called me the next day and said, " I was right, THR." I asked when, he said "when you are ready". Last June, I went back and said, "I'm ready".

This board has been so helpful. I've modified my bathroom. Installed the raised toilet seat. I should have bought that a looonnng time ago. I have my grocery list ready in order to stock the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. I still have to get the sock donner and dressing stick. Didn't know those things existed. I haven't worn socks, stockings or even tennis shoes in years. Heck, I haven't painted my own toenails in years. Can't reach them.
Shaving the legs, well, as Melissa Peterson (Reba) said, "If you ain't expecting company......".

I do have a question about the height of my bed. My bed is rather high and I haven't had difficulties in getting in and out. I do not use a stool to get into my bed. I could move into my guest room where the bed is a standard height. Post surgery, high or low, request your opinions, please.
Julie, shirley and juliesul:

I am now a week away from surgery. Saw my primary doctor last week for a follow up on a minor problem. I hopefully inquired about anti anxiety meds. She looked at me sternly and said "Are you having trouble sleeping?" I had to confess that I wasn't having any new problems, except for usual waking up to shift positions because hip hurts. She said no. I had to admit I didn't expect her to prescribe anything.After my presurgery class, I'm not so worried about the procedure as I was a few weeks ago, I've gone back to worrying about the rehab! I'm getting my nervousness out by talking to people, writing here, trying to meditate etc.

I'm holding a running dialogue with myself--whenever I start to worry, I think about what an adventure this might be--leading to a better place. Because, face it, if I do nothing I have more years of chronic pain and limitations that get worse rather than better. If I have the operation, chronic pain is replaced for a short time (hopefully) by acute pain that can be managed with medication and inability to walk and do things will improve as the hip heals from the surgery.

My worst trait is impatience but from what I've gathered here, having a strict time line in your head will lead to frustration. I do hope I'll be back to work in a month, and driving by 6 weeks but have decided that operation hip will be my project for remained of 2008 with goal of a fun vacation involving some walking/hiking in 2009. Looking at brochures for walking tours of Provence!

As for bed heights, I have the impression that it is same for chairs--you want your hips higher than your knees when you sit on the edge.


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