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For the last 4 years ive had knee pain just started to become a constant problem last year.
I finally found an ortho who cared and took me serious. I have lateral patella tracking in both knees. Worse in the left. SO he got x-ray's and booked for surgery within 6 weeks. I had a lateral release done. For the first month it was WONDERFUl i couldn't believe the difference. I noticed it was popping now and then but i wasn't to worried about it. My ortho told me i have a 75% chance of this correcting my problem without needing bone surgery because of something to do with my bone.
I saw him last week and he figured i should be ok. To give it 6 months and then look at possibly doing my right knee if the surgery worked.
Everything has been great and then thursday night i stood up and my knee made the most painful pop ever. But i thought nothing of it cause its happened before. Once i walked i realize it never hurt to walk like that since before surgery. But figured it would just go away! Well little did i realize now when i walk i notice its almost the feeling of my knee cap wanted to slip again!! I had physio today and they wouldn't do anything except electrodes she worried about possible ligament strain or something. I've noticed its sorer than before and definitely hurts to walk! Is it possible to have damaged something else or could it just be my knee cap that is messed up again. It feels like this is an endless battle!

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