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I had mine released because I had an ACL reconstruct and the lateral was too taught later on, this is very common with ACL's. I've also had all of the growth cartilage removed at age or so to fix a leg discrepancy in length. I've had it scoped many times and have hardly any cartilage and what I do have is mush. The more they scope the more problems I have. They keep removing cartilage.

As far as the kneecap, prior to the release it burred a hole in my upper thigh bone the size of a quarter. Post op it's been fine, sometimes a little wobbly side to side (the knee). As far as the kneecap it does cause me a lot of pain but the doctors don't know why nor do they know why it's dented in like it is. Perhaps it's due to a birth defect or something. I know my kneecap is now very thin due to all of the removal of bone they've done through the years and it's sliding on the joint itself improperly.

I have a friend who had hers removed. It was so bizzare to see her knee, it looked normal but when you touched it, it was soft and spongy. They put something in place of the kneecap they removed but I don't know what. This was some 15 years ago.

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