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I went back to my ortho today. He listened to what I had to say about my kneecap slipping out even after doing therapy and wearing a brace. He sent me for x-rays and saw that my kneecap still isn't sitting right in the groove. I have to go in for an MRI on Friday. I go back for the results on August 8th, but lateral release surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 19. The doctor told me what to expect after surgery. For those of you who have had this surgery, how was your weight bearing the first few weeks after surgery? How long were you using crutches?

Any input would be appreciated! :)
First few days i needed both crutches! It killed to just move my leg because the muscle up my leg from what they cut i guess hurt. After that went away by about the 4th day i was walking with just one crutch and was doing fine up until i was able to remove the bandages! Once those came off it hurt so i was back to two crutches! Once my knee started to gain back its strength a bit i started to be able to walk by myself. After 3 weeks i was on my own two feet again!
So its not to long with crutches! I just learned at you kind of have to endure a little pain but when its like pain that is really intense then stick to the crutches i gradually went for short distances in my house to maybe get a drink and then slowly farther things without the crutches. To the point i finally didn't need them :) It was hard to learn to trust my knee though from before! But its something i had to get over and kind of just trust it!
So its honestly not to bad after you get over the first week!
No! I was rather surprised, this may have been due to the surgeons preference or that its just unnecessary i never felt it once want to slip or do anything of the things it did before hand.
Oh completely understandable! And that fall probably just gave it more of a push! Oh i know what you mean! When i went into it my surgeon told me nothing it was rather surprising, nothing about the risks or anything his mind just gets so set on what he's doing. So i found that weird. But at least you can get some input i had none! I couldn't really find anything about it that i wanted to know i just went in it just with the hope of getting back to normal life!

pain- first week was the worst but i still needed painkillers for the following week
walking- gradually got better after 3 weeks, but because i was full weight bear since the day i had the surgery. But after your out of a the immobilizer you'll probably be doing alright for walking once the swelling comes down within that first month its like clear sailing!
Walking felt considerable better once i was able to walk again!
Physio i just kind of learned that your going to have to endure a little pain. There was one exercise that really made me nervous were i had to pull my leg will on my stomach and at that time the incisions inside my knee still killed so i was scared to do it and it caused ALOT of pain! But the next time i did it, it got easier and easier! So i started to realize im going to have to endure a little pain to start to gain the muscle back and strengthen my knee.
The first few weeks maybe up until the third week were very simple. they started to just gradually add a few harder things nothing to do bad that i couldn't handle.
The only thing i kept in mind when they added something new was the fact that its going to be hard the first time and the next day i do it, its a little easier! I actually miss having my physio at the moment! its surprising but its quiet enjoyable! :jester:
Ice your knee alot to for a good couple weeks if you can! It makes a world of a differences!
One thing i wished i had done was learn how to do stairs with crutches BEFORE i had surgery! it was like my real first time actually having to use them! And i forgot about stairs and when i had to go up them when i came home that was just painful because i did'nt know how to do it so well! I eventually mastered it once i started to really not need them so much!
For the first week i'd definitely make sure there's someone who can help you out with food or drink!
I mean anything your curious about JUST ask!
Id rather be able to help someone else out than sit with my thoughts in my head because i went into it not really knowing what the recovery is like its very vague about all that stuff if you try and find it on a website i had trouble it just didn't help one bit!
Thank you so much for all of the info! I will be staying with someone for at least a week after my surgery.

Boy, I had an MRI this morning..I wasn't worried about it because I have had several others before. I have Cerebral Palsy which causes my leg muscles to spasm involuntarily. When I had my knee MRI last year, I didn't have any problems. This time the thing they put my leg in didn't hold my leg tightly enough so my toes jumped every so often..that caused my knee to move...They had to redo some of the pictures because when my knee moved, the quality of the image wasn't clear...what a hassle that was. I wasn't really upset because I couldn't control the situation anyway. I just needed to get that out..thanks for reading! So now I go back to the ortho on August 8th to get the results of the MRI and to finalize things for surgery. When you had your lateral release done, did your ortho have to clean anything out in your knee?
Well at least you made it through and they'd understand because of that! I had to have one of mine redone to cause the first two i was kind of really like uptight about and once i learned to just kind of relax my legs it was fine!

Well its good your finally hopefully getting a fix to your problem!
Um, i couldn't even tell ya if he did or didn't. He basically just had to fix my knee cap everything else was pretty much fine. On my paper it shows what he did and my old physio therapist looked at it when we went to pay him his last payment and he said they might have found some scar tissue or something from what the diagram explains but i don't know. My surgeon when he has is mind set on something its set and hes extremely busy so you don't always get the chance to ask him everything you want to know depending on which clinic you see him in!
The last time i saw him he was very talkative because we were at his clinic that isn't in a hospital which i see him in again thursday to find out what the heck i've done!
I saw the ortho on Friday. He explained everything that he was seeing on the MRI. He said I have fluid behind my kneecap and at the back of my knee. I have cartilage changes under my kneecap. He doesn't know yet if he will have to remove any cartilage. I also have a dent in my kneecap. It looks like part of the bone is missing. The ortho said he won't know what that is until he actually sees inside my knee. He is going to scope it and do the lateral release. We haven't set a definite surgery date yet because the ortho has to talk to the dr who does my Botox injections in my legs.

Well, your at least now getting some where and finding new information out:)
Hopefully all turns out well! You'll get great results from everything they'll do! Then one less thing to worry about and its more safe so you don't have another fall!
Is your ortho wanting to do it in the near future!
Good luck on your surgery. I had my PCL released as well as my knee cap was tracking the wrong direction. Like you I also have a dent in my kneecap, no explanation for it.

I bounced back from the release pretty quick, it's not as severe as a reconstruction. The first week is always the hardest so be sure to rest up lots and use ice often.

Good luck
Thanks for the advice Kissa! I will be spending at least the first week with someone else because I have balance issues that aren't related to my knee issues.

Does the dent in your kneecap cause you any problems?

I had mine released because I had an ACL reconstruct and the lateral was too taught later on, this is very common with ACL's. I've also had all of the growth cartilage removed at age or so to fix a leg discrepancy in length. I've had it scoped many times and have hardly any cartilage and what I do have is mush. The more they scope the more problems I have. They keep removing cartilage.

As far as the kneecap, prior to the release it burred a hole in my upper thigh bone the size of a quarter. Post op it's been fine, sometimes a little wobbly side to side (the knee). As far as the kneecap it does cause me a lot of pain but the doctors don't know why nor do they know why it's dented in like it is. Perhaps it's due to a birth defect or something. I know my kneecap is now very thin due to all of the removal of bone they've done through the years and it's sliding on the joint itself improperly.

I have a friend who had hers removed. It was so bizzare to see her knee, it looked normal but when you touched it, it was soft and spongy. They put something in place of the kneecap they removed but I don't know what. This was some 15 years ago.
How did your surgery go? I will prob have to have that same surgery & I am curious on how it went for you?
My surgery went well. Some of the cartilage underneath my kneecap was frayed, so my ortho cleaned that out before he did the actual lateral release. My ortho put me in an immobilizer so that I would not bend my knee. I have to wear that until next Wednesday. I will also get my staples out that day. I used a walker for about three days, but I was bearing weight on my leg immediately after surgery. I am still taking the painkillers but not as frequently as I was last week. The only PT I can do right now are quad sets because the only time I am allowed to take the immobilizer off is when I take a shower. I have stayed with my parents since the surgery because getting dressed has been difficult. I am doing almost everything else on my own.

I want to thank everyone for your concern about my well being. I will keep you updated. :)

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