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Re: Info please
Aug 7, 2008
[QUOTE=willow64;3672810]could someone tell me what cryotherapy is ? i need to have a total knee replacement, i have had surgerys and injections over past ten years and its gotten to the place now where im in a brace so im not in as much pain, dr says im ready but he will wait till i say i cant take it anymore. my knee is bone on bone ,have oa, bursitis and bone spurs . im 44 and just trying to put surgery off for as long as possible. i like to be prepared . i know there is a machine they put your leg on afte surgery that bends and straightens your leg , do you take that home with you ??? any info at all about what i will need or how the process goes i would greatly appreciate it.thanks so much:)[/QUOTE]

Cryotherapy is Ice therapy. There are machines that you can use instead of ice packs. It is a little cooler that you fill with ice. The cooler has a pump attached to a pad that can be wrapped around you knee, shoulder, hip, ankle etc. The pump circulates the ice water through the pad. The water temperature is maintained at a constant temperature by a thermostat.

I used the CPM (continous passive motion) for the first night after surgery. My ROM was greater than 90 so as soon as I could get out of bed and move around I was off the CPM. Some take the machines home, some do not. My understanding is that if you have ROM of 90 and can get up and around the machine is not necessary.

I'm not sure how much information you would like. I can share some of my experiences but remember everyone is different and most OS have their preferences. A good place to start would be with one of your OS's TKAers. I was in the hospital 3 days. 4 hours after surgery I was standing beside the bed. I had PT 2 times each day in the hospital. The first day I walked in the room and all the tubes were removed (IV, drain, catheter). The next day I was taught how to take a shower and I walked in the hall and learned how to go up and down stairs. The last day I learned how to get in and out of a car. I went home after TKA and started PT as soon as I could get it scheduled ( Xmas got in the way). I went to PT for 9 visits and was released. The best things you can get for home are a cryothearpy unit, elevated toilet, walker.

I was 56 when I had TKA in 06. I have about 150 ROM and can do anything I want except ski downhill and play singles tennis. If you search the internet for "cryotherapy units" you will get several hits. There are several different manufactures. I would recommend looking for one that has parts that can be replaced and has a warranty. There is one brand I am thinking of that is totally self-contained and if anything breaks you have to replace the entire unit. They are all about the same price..apx.$150. Some hospitals give you one when you have surgery. Check with your hospital. It is the best money you can spend. If I could have only one thing I would take the cryotherapy unit. It reduced my swelling to a minimum and also decreased my need for as much pain meds. I used it 24/7 for the first couple of weeks and off and on for the next month.

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