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Hi larimergirl:

I have to confess that I never looked at my incision till long after the bandage fell off by itself long after I had been back home. While I was at the rehab place, of course, the incision was checked by a nurse every day, and the area cleansed and bandage changed so maybe that is why I didn't concern myself. I merely asked how long it was and the nurse said not very long. When I finally did take a big mirror and have a look, weeks later, I saw that it was about 5 inches long more or less. Couldn't manage to get a tape measure to it. I do remember a very slight bruising that I could see looking down sidewise when I was in rehab.
I believe I had "steri strips" on my incision.

There was never anything that needed to be removed. The incision just healed nicely. I guess I was pretty lucky regarding the incision. Never bothered me one bit.

It might reassure you to make that appointment to see your hip surgeon. When I go see mine, I use very large font to type out my questions and then print them up, leaving spaces for the surgeon to write his answers. I think this helped a lot for both of us. Saved time and then I didn't have to remember what he said. This printed method seemed OK to him.

It is so interesting hearing how you are doing!

Shirley H.

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