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My gosh, I'm so sorry, I had gone in to revise the post because it was so jumbled, and I come back and there it is. Forgive me...I can see how confusing it would be. I can see how you would also think its CRAZY to want to control an appointment with a doc the way I seem to want to.

Well...yeah, my case is tough and kind of bizarre, and that is why its hard for me to really discuss. Its long and really boring, but I'll try to just hit the highlights for ya here.

First of all, you might need to know, that I'm a small boned thin young woman. Like size 2.

I started out with a an ordinary tendinitis just below my right knee a year and a half ago. Knees were otherwise healthy and never had ANY problem with either of them. I had just leaned against those cables that you hook up to your TV. Five months later it was still a bit of a bother, but I had licked it at one point using an accupuncturist, and was back to see him for more work on it.

Shortly thereafter, a doctor doing a sneak attack "knee exam" jammed his thumb into the sore tendon through my pants! That then became a HUGE an painful bursa.

After seeing several doctors and trying to get it addressed, I finally travelled two hours to see an expert OS to get a cortisone shot. She decided to an overly aggressive "knee exam" which ripped all the tendons around my knee to shreds.

As for how that happened. Well...

Kmit...its pretty clear that she was in a hurry. She was running an hour and half late and since I hadn't experienced a professional knee exam before, I didn't know how to react when she grabbed my knee- cap and started yanking. She gave no instruction. For some reason, I trusted that she knew what she was doing...and mistakenly thought that if I interrupted her, she would not give me the cortisone shot. That initial appointment must have lasted four minuets.

The leg, from hip to toe swelled up so huge it looked like it belong to a doll. The pain was BEYOND agony. I couldn't walk on it. Couldn't even flex my foot.

Weeks later, I went back to see her about it, but she denied that she did anything wrong, and basically turfed me from her practice. She didn't offer to any diagnostics, instructions or painkillers either.

Two doctors later (my current OS being one of them, whom I saw two times to get a diagnosis and to rule out damage), failed to warn me about a possible opposing limb injury considering my condition. I was never offered crutches, a brace or even a cane. I really didn't know what I should or should not be offered at that time... I was just told that it will be better in three months.

As I my have mentioned, the doctor is billed as an "Injury prevention specialist."

That set the stage for my limping around on one leg, unaware of the dangers, as that was the only way I the point that I tore the only healthy knee apart just reaching for something, and severely injured the ankle trying to protect my injured leg.

All three spots now are still badly swollen and plenty painful. The swelling and nerve pain curl up around my torso. I haven't been pain- free now for nearly year...and the kind of pain I've been in has been PROFOUND.

All in all...and much money, time, tears and doctors and unbearable confusion later, I'd say they made quite a mess out of girl who only needed help with some slight tendinitis. Of course I have my regrets too.

So, the result is, I've come to be VERY afraid of doctors and their knee exams. I thought for awhile it all might heal up on its own but its been five months now, since the last injury, and I've grown very concerned.

Sadly...that is why I'm asking all these boring and silly questions now. I know its pathetic. I just am not sure what to I may really need an OPERATION now. An operation that I shouldn't even have to consider. The true nightmare scenario. And...that is why I am crying all the time now. I feel cornered.

My diagnosis on the MRI:

Mild sprained ACL with slight heterogenus signal (we've discussed the limitation of MRI we don't really know what to make of that).

My patella was out at one point, and slipping, so the area next to the knee cap is still very sore.

I was thinking the new doc could just give his opinion on the MRI. He doesn't have to touch me for that, and since laxity is only something that the leg owner can really feel anyway, WHY would he need to touch me? I'm not arguing that I have NO ACL...only that laxness is making it hard to walk normally. He could watch me walk. He could see how I have to compensate...(if I am in five weeks that is.) Right?

Just trying to be creative.

Maybe this is a long post...but maybe it will give you a bit better idea of where I'm coming from. The story is longer, but I wanted to spare you the EVEN longer version! LOL

You are so very sweet for putting up with me, and my myriad annoying questions.

Thanks again...

~Soft :)

By the way, I am VERY sorry to hear of your knee problems with the osteoarthritis and such. THAT should never happen to anyone. Especially someone nice like you.:) I hope I didn't offend you in my last post. I know that not everyone is injured by doctors, or otherwise...and some people are battling horrible disease processes, that can be VERY, VERY challenging, and hard to treat.

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