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I've had a bad experience before with a surgeon making BOTH my knees worse. I've had knee pain since i was about 12 years old I'm currently 17, i had complained about it to my doctor and well thought nothing of it, do these stretches to strengthen your muscles and you should be alright. Well that of course did nothing. So after i finally gave up all my favourite things like soccer,roller blading, biking you name it i couldn't do it! The pain took over my life!
I finally got into see a orthopedic surgeon i was told he was the "best you can find in my area". I also got an MRI before i saw him. Well i get there well he didn't pay attention to me or care what pain i had. His residents saw me and spent more time playing around with my knee than he did! They never pulled up my mri to look at it or told me exactly what was on my MRI report! He never treated me like what i said mattered! But anyways, i wasn't to happy after that all i got told was get a brace and physio your knee cap isn't in the groove right. Not real information was given to me on what the heck this man was talking about. I was about to burst into tears sitting on that bed after he left it was maddening!
So i started my 3 months of physio like i was suppose to! Well after a month didn't my knee cap now start to SLIP! The worst pain ever. And not only that it damaged my right knee also. But if it wasn't for my physio therapist then i wouldn't have known what my knee issue was called which is lateral patella tracking. I have it in BOTH my knees.
I finally gave up and said forget it i will go see a surgeon i know is good at what he does and he DOES care! I saw him a week after asking for an appointment. Well my options pretty much were surgery. He wanted to scope it because the fact i had tried physio. I had a lateral release done to move my knee cap back! I've gone to a GREAT physio therapy place this time around, and after a slight relapse my left knee has been amazing! my right knee is up next in the next year!

I had swelling within the back of my knee and it bruised up quite lovely! All the normal symptoms of my issue i didn't really half the time notice. I'd walk with a very bad limp it was like my knee just didn't work normally! Most of my pain was in through the back of my knee! Which is why i had a very hard time believing it was all from my knee cap being out! It was extremely painful, and stairs would kill me, it wasn't the pain it was the fact of just how slow i actually did have to go or else it would just want to give out! I've learned one thing especially is that these doctors can not feel the pain and what your feeling, they can only go by what you say, so if they can't listen or aren't helping you have to find the help yourself because you know yourself the best!

Wow...what a heartbreaking story. I'm very sorry to hear you went through all that. Yes...your point is well taken there that a person can only know their own pain and the doctors don't.

You say that you have Great therapy. What do you consider the hallmark of great therapy. I'm about to start with a therapist, and I'd like some insights on knowing what to look for in a good therapist.

Thanks...eversomuch for sharing the story. I do hope your other leg works out as well as the first.:)

I have read about the lateral release surgery and not all of it is positive, so its really great that it worked out for you!

SoftCrush- My doc gave me the results.. I have a tracking problem with my knee cap. He gave me a cortisone shot ( his idea) and said to come back in 4 weeks. He said that if the cortisone shot doesnt help then he will do an arthoscopic lateral release surgery. He said my knee is really really swollen.. and he said I have some roughness on the back of my knee which he said he will scrape off if/when he does the surgery.. I have to say the cortisone has helped the pain.. not 100% but has helped its just super sore from the shot.. It is still very unstable but I am trying my hardest to stay off of it. I have had this problem for 3 years.. It wasnt really bad until recently the past few months.. My family doctor had told me that it was normal for it to slip out.. Not knowing I thought he was right since he was the doctor. Now I know to get a second opinion if I ever have questions.. I just am glad to have some answers. I have an appt on Oct 21.. and I will find out what we do from there..

He just did a MRI on me but he was able to see all of that on a MRI.. I know not everything can be seen on a MRI though..

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