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I am going for an appt with my orthopedic dr today regarding my left knee. For a quick history...all on the same knee...I had a scope done 12/05 to remove a torn plica (pain around kneecap) and then a second scope in 12/07 to smooth cartilage and clear out some scar tissue (also pain around kneecap).

I started playing softball in April of this year. Not hardcore, just a rec no slidng or anything. I was fine all season, except for a few pulled quads/hamis. Then in August I started having horrible pain and swelling behind the knee and into the top of the calf. I iced it alot and took advil, and the swelling went down, but pain has remained the same.

Now I still have pain behind the knee & a little to the outside of the knee. It is pretty bad. I can't bend my knee for more than like 10 minutes sitting down, and if I do I can't straighten my leg without terrible pain, and generally have to hobble around with my leg slightly bent for an hour or so. I have also had warmth around the kneecap.

So I said that this is just ridiculous...and I broke down and made an appt with my dr. I know he will send me for another MRI...just hoping I won't need more surgery. I am only 28 and way too young for all of this.

Oh, and on a side note...I also got a tick bite behind the same knee and contracted Lyme Disease, so I am dealing with that too. But the knee problems, even the recent flare-up, pre-date the Lyme.

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