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My husband dislocated his patella on 7/5 at work(he is a corrections officer) a week later he had an MRI done which showed a large(size of a quarter) bone chip. He also had a mensicius tear and a sprain of two ligaments. He had a knee scope down on 7/31. The doctor removed the bone chip and didnt have to repair the ligaments or cartliage because he said they seemed to be healing on their own. My husband has been going to physical therapy for four weeks now(twice a week) He has began to use his knee better but does still have a significant limp.His knee feels unstable to him and stiff. He stumbles a lot and still has a lot of swelling. I ice his knee twice a day. It is extremely stiff in the mornig almost to the point of not being able to bend it.He saw his doctor on Wed. and the doctor decided to put a hinged brace on his knee to give it more support and to try and get some of the tenderness out of the knee. He also told my husband that he had a long way to go that his injury was very serious and not to rush trying to get better.He thinks that there may be a chance that my husbands knee may never be normal again. On Thursday my husband went to PT and the therapist got very mad that he had the brace on(he has made several out of line comments before this too) told my husband that the brace only made things worse not better,told him he thought that the limp was all in his head and that he was going to have to ask for more therapy sessions since it was taking so long for him to learn to walk right again. He wouldnt even do a full session with him and sent him homw after only thirty minutes. I called the doctors office and got the therapies transferred to another place.My husband feels terrible and thinks now that all of this is his fault that his knee isnt getting any better I told him to listen to the doctor not the therapist but he continues to worry. Has anyone been in this kind of situation before,or have any advice for us? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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