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Do you have medical insurance? If so the cost will depend on what type of insurance you have, your deductible and what other medical expenses you've had this year.

My plan has a $1000 deductible (80/20 - so insurance pays the first 80% and I pay the remaining 20% up to a max of $1000 in any year). Since I already met my deductible this year I just had a CT and MRI last week for which I will not be responsible for any of the cost as I used in-network facilities.
I've never heard of the stripmall storefront MRI places...but honestly could not imagine having any kind of medical test, especially one as technical as an MRI, not done in a hospital or doctor's office. How do you know what quality of testing your getting at these places, you may get stuck with an MRI that your doctor can't even read....

I don't know, I'd be careful of these types of places, but that's just my opinion.

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