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I saw an orthopedic doctor and he wants to do surgery on my knee for patella subluxation. He wants to release the lateral, break and realign the bones and put a screw in, and fix a ligament. I have done physical therapy before, and since then there has been a big amount of pain. I now have the choice to either go back and try physical theraphy again, or go ahead with the surgery. Does that kind of surgery require a lot of recovery time?Does anyone have any advice on what to do? Thank you so much! :)
I had patella sublaxation as well. After multiple months of PT, my kneecap was still sliding out constantly. My surgeon recommended surgery although my surgery did not require any bone cutting. I am now 6 weeks out from a lateral release, and my knee is healing fairly well. I still have some pain, but my range of motion is pretty much normal. My kneecap is staying in place now for the first time in almost three years. The recovery after surgery has not been totally pleasant, but the benefits that I have gained from the surgery are worth it.
I saw my orthopedic doctor again yesterday, because I have started physical therapy and the pain has now become significantly worse. I couldn't even walk out of the PT center! Now the doc says the only thing left to do is to do a big surgery to reconstruct my knee. (it's my right knee) He says that I have a patella tilt and my knee is misaligned. Also, a lateral release is need. I can actually see my knee cap fly over to the right every time i straigten it! Keep in mind that i'm only a teenager so i really have no idea if this is the right age to do this. According to my doctor though, he's done it on several girls my age. So, if anyone has any advice about whether to do this surgery or not....since the PT is seriously not doing any good....I'd really like to hear any advice.Thank you so much!
My surgery was just the lateral release without breaking any bones. It is still about 3 months worth of recovery time, but I was weight bearing the same day as my surgery. I used a walker for the first five days (I can't use crutches due to balance issues), but since then I have been limping without any assistance. This surgery is not as involved as the surgery with the bone breaking. I would talk to your mom and see if she would be willing to let you get the lateral release done. Before my surgery, my kneecap was only halfway in the normal groove. Since the surgery eight weeks ago, my kneecap has stayed in its groove. It wobbles a little bit, but that will lessen as the quad muscles on the inside part of my thigh get stronger. Even though the recovery process has been tough at times, I am so glad that I had the lateral release done. If you have any more questions, please ask them. Keep me updated.

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