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Re: Hip Bursitis
Oct 12, 2008

Yes I would definitely say this is bursitis. I have it in both hips. It is caused by your gait being off from the knee pain and limping, or adjusting your walk for the knee pain. Laying on the hip at night is definitely the worst, you wake up with pain that is just over the top, and to try and move to aleve the pain is very hard. I've had cortisone injections, mainly because mine got very very bad, and it was hard to sit or bend. What I used before it got to that point were the thermacare heat wraps which you can get at any chain pharmacy. You can wear them under your pj's and they're great, they last all night long and keep heat on the hip. Also putting pillows up against you so you don't roll over on that hip is another trick I used to use. Unfortunately the only way to get it better is to get your knees better. I'm just 6 weeks from my last major knee surgery and in an immobilizing brace so i'm forced to sleep on my back, and that's helped the bursitis. But normally I'm a side sleeper. The other thing I would do was take Advil for the inflammation, but since you're having surgery in 2 weeks, you shouldn't do that, but afterwards it may help.

That's all I can think of, except that it's not permanent. Good luck on your surgery and let us know how it goes.

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