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Knee Pain after THR
Oct 14, 2008
Hi, I have some questions, please.

The reason I got THR was because of the pain when I walked from my right knee. I tried everything to get rid of the pain.
I had miniscus surgery (3/07), and PT for about a year, on my right knee.
I had supartz shots, cortisone shots.

Finally, after a PT did the evaluation of both knee and hip did she surmise that my problem wasn't my knee, but my hip.
This went on for 2 yrs.

Got THR of the right hip (9/5/08).
I'm doing really well.
I take each day at a time, and my healing is coming along.

But new problems are cropping up.
when I use the lifts in my shoes (I have a 3/4 inch difference between legs--from the surgery) I get severe pain on the inside of my left knee.

When I go barefoot around the house, I'm back to my original problem of not being able to put any weight on my right knee.

The PT that I'm working with insists that I wear my lifts to keep me balanced.

1) Did anyone have prior knee problems before THR and has the pain gone away?

On another subject..
I love yoga.
I'm afraid to get down on the floor and start some stretching.
I'm afraid to get back on my little ball that I roll around on from the small of my back.

2) Anyone have any suggestions with getting back into yoga?
3) should I forget the idea of getting back down on the mat?
4) should I be doing all of these exercises in my bed?
5) when did you feel ready to get back to the gym?


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