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Hello all! I am seven weeks post lateral release surgery on my left knee. Things were going fairly well until last Saturday. I still had pain and swelling, but the surgeon said that was normal. My range of motion is almost perfect. Last Saturday, my knee started cracking/popping around my kneecap. It happened 4 times on Saturday and has happened at least twice a day since then. At times, it feels like my kneecap is moving when it cracks. I asked the physical therapist assistant about it on Tuesday. He said he wasn't exactly sure what would be causing it. He told me to keep watching it. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Should I be concerned about it?

Any advice is greatly appreciated! :)

I had a Lateral release 3 months ago and have the same cracking and popping, but this happens all time but it's more severe when going up and down stairs or if i try to do squats. I was told that it was probably scar tissue, i hope so and i hope it settles as it's very uncomfortable. I haven't got a very good range of movement yet but i had one or two set backs. I hope you feel better soon and the swelling does eventually go mine is nearly gone now. Make sure you ice and elevate your leg.

I have been icing and elevating my leg as much as I can. The cracking and popping that I have been having occurs throughout the day even when I'm not bearing weight on my leg. This morning it happened when I was moving during sleep. The pain woke me up. When I talked to the therapist yesterday, he initially thought it was just scar tissue, but he seemed to doubt that was the main cause when he checked my range of motion. He told me to keep a record of the frequency of the cracking and the pain intensity afterward. I hope the scar tissue diagnosis is the right one because the cracking really scares me.
I too have lots of cracking & grinding when I go up & down steps, It dosent involve much pain but it sure makes me worry about what is causing this. I have the same noise in both knees but only had surgery in one. Does anyone know why this is?

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