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I posted earlier about problems from my arthroscopic knee debridement, which was five months ago, to remove damaged cartlidge from the upper left knee. Since that time, my knee and calf are swollen and sore. There is a severe pain on the bone below the knee cap. The knobby bone on the outside of the knee that I now can't put full weight on. Before the surgery I had an aching pain in the mid to upper knee and quad. Now everything is in the lower knee to the foot.
I had full use of my leg before the surgery. I could run, but because of the deep ache, didn't want to. Now I can't run, which I may have to do for my job. The new surgeon's P.A. told me nothing shows on the MRI that indicates a problem they can do surgery to help so there isn't any sense in the surgeon treating me.
He can't explain the lower knee bone pain and said my swelling is a result of my body adapting to the missing cartlidge. (Fine, except it's in the wrong place). I was given the stock answer, "you have arthritis".
So basically they want me to go away and suffer.
Am I crazy? The first surgeon told me prior to surgery that he could make my pain better and I'd be back full duty in a month. I've lost partial use of my leg from what was supposed to be a simple procedure.
The second surgeon made certain when he dictated his notes to indicate that the first surgeon was an exceptional othopedic surgeon.
Do I have anything to consult with a lawyer? I am going to have to get a release for full duty at work now because if this goes on any longer, they can force me to retire and I'll be on welfare with no insurance.
Hoping someone out there can give me some help. I know some of you are facing issues that are far more serious than mine. So, thanks in advance for your time.

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