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Have you went to an ortho doc yet? Is your knee warm to the touch at all? Sometimes when your knee feels as if it has an ace wrap around it when you try to bend it but it doesn't that sounds like you have extra fluid in your knee. There could be an easy explanation for this and an easy fix of draining off the fluid, but the only way you'll know is to actually go to the doc. You can also try icing your knee for pain control. If ice isn't you thing and there is no swelling then heat can be used, the thermacare heat wraps work great for about 8 hrs. at a time and can be worn during the day under your pants. Seriously though, go and get it checked out by an ortho doc before something not so bad gets to be something bad.

Good luck.[/QUOTE]

Thanks I do notice a tad of swelling just enough that I can see that me knee looks off compared to the my other knee, Iíve attempted to ice it before but honestly I canít keep it on very long. I have not been to the doctors at all yet mainly for money reasons and time off of work but I obviously will do what I have to if I dont have a choice. Iím convinced something is wrong though because itís not subsiding its only getting worse now its effecting me if Iím just standing there thereís a sensation like something is moving and crunching in my knee but its not my knee cap and like I said before this tight feeling when I bend down still. Iím 28 and I feel as though I have the knee of a 90 year old as far as stamina. I was really hoping that this was just going to go away on its own I will do pretty much anything to try and avoid surgery or any kind of invasive procedure. Do you think maybe wearing a knee brace along with icing or heat could help it go away? I have and old one a family member got along time ago.

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