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wow Snowmelts,
I never knew that having the osteo A and osteo P would wind up causing such trouble in my hip.

Is Bursitis a life long event without treatment? Does it go away on it's own?

If treating the arthritis and fibromyalgia and osteoporosis fixes the leg pain, why isn't any dr. helping me with those 3 diagnosis's?

It took me a long while to find out what was the cause of my bone pain and back pain and muscle pain, but as I mentioned above, not one dr. is telling me what to do to fix the problem.

Will I wind up suffering in pain the rest of my life? I feel so grouchy and lifeless on certain days. I feel like the only youth I have left in me is passing away me before my eyes. It's literally changing my face and my skin and my muscles. I hate it!
I can't do anything outdoors or indoors for that matter than requires any physical labor! I look fine on the outside to my family, but no one really understands how horrible I feel on the inside of my body.
My mother in law who is 81 yrs old and has NO compassion or tolerance to any form of pain in a person can not understand why I am not doing more for her in the house that we live in. It's a very large house with big rooms with hard wood floors that need daily maintenance of clean up of dust and pet hair. not to mention washing the floors, vacuming and preparing and cooking every single family meal on top of it.
she can NOT understand why I won't help paint the rooms of the whole house before they put it on the market.
she doesn't want to waste money paying for outside help when she can have her son do it and ME of course. but I won't do it. I do the best that I can, when I can and the other time I REST, REST, REST.
I'm finding that If I do not listen to my body I get even sicker.
being forced at the age of 48 yrs old to a live a gentle mobile life is the only thing I can do to survive under my conditions.
I'm very angry about myself. I feel so guilty that I can't do more or what's expected of me from this woman who has no compassion for what she thinks may be laziness in her eyes. she feels if she can work a five day work work full time and drive all the miles that's required for her to get there and back, then a woman of my age can do more than her.
but she has no adrenal glands for years now and is on a medication that gives her so much energy and stamina of a woman maybe 20 or 30 yrs younger than she is!
she just tells her self that if she's in pain, that she can literally THINK the pain away and THINK the problem away.

I'm wondering if something else is really going on in my body but my dr.s just aren't qualified in a specific field to identify it? I live in a little suburb town, not in a major city where the bests doctors might be.

Unfortunately I can't afford to go to a chiropractor. No one is telling me what to do with my spine trouble and pain throughout my body other than go to Physical therapy. They aren't telling me what other options i have after I go for physical therapy.

The only form of PT they told me to do the last time I was suggested to go was the swimming form. It felt good but did not fix the problem.
I can't go to PT the rest of my life, nor do i want to.

There really is no treatment for arthritis is there? and how can the dr. stop it from progressing so quickly through out my body?

should I seek medical attention from another expert other than my rheumytologist? What doctors treat you snowmelts?

I just wish my pain would go away for ever. But I know this is wishful thinking and totally stupid of me to think otherwise.

thanks for putting up with my raving maddness. that's how I feel today anyway.

I called my rheumy's office a little while ago to find out if the xray results were sent there yet. they were not. plus the dr. is not in yet, so i just have to wait till she gets them which is hopefully today before she shuts down her office early today because of the holiday tomorrow.

I wish you all a very happy and pain free Thanksgiving.
I will not be cooking the bird this year, which also make me feel a great guilt.
will I ever not feel guilty because I physically can't keep up with things anymore?
did you go through a guilt trip period? Is this normal?

sorry for all the questions and the non stop writing. I just have so much pent up grief in me that I do not let out on to my partner.



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