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[QUOTE=NY 1009;3803012]I am searching on the board to see if anyone else has this type of a pain and what is it?
I have to go for an xray of the left hip this week but have no answer as to yet what could be wrong.
The pain started suddenly and out of the blue one day.
It doesn't hurt every minute of the day and only when I am in a sitting position and have to get up to walk does it hurt like heck. it's sharp and it spreads to the thigh and I have to limp in order not to put pressure on the hip it self.

I thought it would go away so stuck it out for a month.

I have a dx of osteoarthritits in my spine and joints in my hands and feet. I also have osteoporosis in this left hip but bone has grown back on it's own from the last years dexa scan and I also have osteoporosis in my spine. I am 48 yrs old, on estrogen patches due to surgical hysterectomy when I was 45.

The pain is hard to judge exactly where it is radiating from. I thought I'd hit the roof when my rheumy tried to bend my leg inwards and it hurts in the groin when pressed on. The most painful area is on the outside of the thigh on my upper hip.

Does this sound like arthritis? and if so, does arthritis just start out of the clear blue sky like this? one day you're fine and the next you're limping?

I'd appreciate any input.

many thanks,


I have similar pain as you but mine occurs after doing some walking. My hip did not show much arthritis. The diagnosis was bursitis and I was given a cortisone shot which did help after the pain of getting it! It seems to be caused from the ligament (tight iliotibial band) rubbing the hip bone. I have found stretching helps somewhat. And I was prescribed some kind of anti-inflammatory. Good luck!

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