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You sure did help me! Actually..... you ALL helped me with your suggestions and your personal experiences.
That was what I was looking for when I came to this site.

here I was ready to throw in the towel, which I was seriously considering calling my doctor on Monday and just telling her to forget the darn MRI.

but after reading your post, I've changed my mind.

I'll go for it. It can't hurt, right?

Do you know if total picture of the MRI includes the leg down to the knee cap?
I ask this because when I woke up today, I have the pain back and find it hard to walk on it and the pain spreads down the thigh as well.
It's not just in the outer hip area.
when they bend the knee are to take the xray, which sort of looks like a frog leg position, it really really hurt me. I can't bend the leg without it hurting.
But.... if I bend down to pull out a pot of a lower cabinet, it doesn't hurt me.
so go figure?
It only hurts from a sitting to getting up position like on the sofa when I have to get up and into the walk or when I'm in my car and have to get out to walk

it's the strangest thing. I can't pin point a specific area where it really hurts. it's different every day. It mainly hurts me in the long thigh bone today, down to the knee cap.

I didn't want to share this private information I'm going to tell you but here goes. Only because people judge others on this medication I take.
I have been on a very strong pain medication called "methadone".
I've been on it for eight years now. It is very controlled and can only be given out by nurses at a local clinic that's on hospital grounds. only because people have abused it and it's dangerous and can kill people if taken wrong.
so the state controls who takes it and how many and where.
A regular doctor can not prescribe it unless they're specifically certified to do so. I think only doctors who manage pain are allowed.
I started on a high dosage of 90 mgs. of it and am now down to 15, which eventually I want to get off of for ever. the only hard thing about this specific drug is it's long acting and stays in the body for a very long time.
which means a person will go thru a wicked withdrawal symptoms when stopped. especially if you stop suddenly. It feels like you're dying.
this is why I'm getting off of it gradually.
the thing is, in the morning when i wake up in pain, the pain lasts till the effects of the medicine kick in. it's as strong as morphine but to a weaker degree I think.
even on the methadone I feel the pain, which really scares me. this medication is supposed to kill ALL pain. I really feel the pain when the medication wears off around 3 pm.
So when I went to the dr. for her to palpate the pain, the pain was masked slightly from the medication. I even asked her if I should stop the medicine the day I come to see her and she said "no".

the reason why I brought up the methadone is I'm wondering now if maybe I should stay on it because of the fact it helps take away most of my arthritis pain in my body and now this new hip pain.
I can not imagine how on earth I will be able to endure this chronic pain through out my body when I"m off the methadone. yet one can't live for ever on pain medication, right?
medicine is very toxic to our bodies.
then I thought that now that I'm taking the methadone for my pain now, rather than the real reason I first started taking it initially, maybe I'll be permitted to get the medication from a pain management doctor that's closer to where I live rather than having to drive so many miles four days a week?
they allow me to take home three bottles so I dont have to go every day like I used to have to.
This will save me loads of money on gasoline because of such high costs.
especially the fact that I"m on disability and don't get paid half as much money as I used to when I worked a full time job.

Am I sharing too much info? Sorry ladies if I talk too much. LOL actually ,write too much.
I'll close for now.

thanks again for your input.


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