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Dear Anne and everyone who answered to Anne's post, I am trying to find help her on the boards regarding my left hip pain that arrived suddenly and has not gone away after a month. especially after sitting in the car or sitting on a couch when I get up it hurts horribly to put pressure on my hip and I have to limp to take the weight off the painful hip. it runs down the thigh too. It's on the outter side of my upper left hip. if i put pressure on it, it hurts intensly.
I finally made an earlier apptn. with my rheumy dr to tell her what's going on and she wants me to get an xray and she gave me a script for pain pills. i do NOT want to take too many of the pills in fear of becoming dependent on them.

I am 48 yrs old, have osteoporosis in my left hip and spine, but when I had my follow up dexa scan a few months ago, they said the hip has improved and grew bone back from last years dexa scan. so I dont' think it's osteoporosis causing it.
I also am diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my spine and neck and now is going into my thumb joints and wrists and the joint in my feet.
I also have fibromyalgia ontop of all this other mess.
I seemed to attack me all at once but happened gradually through out the years.
I think by me having had a vitamin D deficiency for so long caused the bone loss in me and my theory is it probably had something to do with me having arthritis too.
my mom and brother have a bone disease called "gorhams" disease. or, vanishing bone disease. she had it in her long bone, her leg and my brother has it in his ribs. she is not with us anymore for me to ask her any questions about it, but my brother is still alive.
I seriously doubt I have gorhams. so I wont' talk about it.

I wish the people here who have problems with their hips and had hip replacement would post what happened to you all BEFORE your hip replacemtents. This way people who come to the board looking for answers can compare their symptoms with the people who have gone thru it.

would any of you have the time or feel like going into detail about your illness preop?

I am dying to talk to someone who has gone through what I'm going through or maybe someone might have the same thing I do and what did their diagnosis wind up being?

I wish you the best Anne and hope you start to feel better soon. I understand how frustrating it must be to you. especially being you had the surgery to correct the problem.

You mentioned you weren't having alot of pain before your surgery? they just found it by chance? did they find it on an xray or an MRI?
did your's happen suddenly like mine? or gradually?

after I took the medicine the first time, the pain subsided and I was able to walk without pain and no limping. The pain subsided for two days, almost three and I thought for sure it was just some sort of inflammation going on, but yesterday, the pain is back full force. so much so that it even hurt to lay down in bed. where as before, it only hurts during the day hours and not at night. I can't even lay on that hip for too long at night without it waking me up to flip over.
does it ever get better? am I going to wind up in a wheel chair by the time I hit my 50's???????
I wish I knew what type of dr. to go to or do I stay with my rheumytologist?

she wants me to go for physical therapy for my other bone conditions but I just dont' have the effort to do it.
I tried aqautic threrapy a year ago but it really didn't help me. it felt good, but it didn't fix the problem.

I'm afraid to get older if I dont' fix the problem now. what do you all think it could be going on in my hip?

I appreciate any input at this point.


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