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Hi. A friend of mine suffered a hip fracture recently (she is elderly) and her symptoms were severe hip pain, swelling and inability to walk. Sounds like you may have bruised the hip and not fractured it, but you should probably get it checked out. Are you putting ice on hip? That might help with pain.

If it were a fractured hip you wouldn't be would be too painful to even walk. If you are young and healthy you prob have just deep bruised yourself...I mean if you fall hard like that something is going to bruise and be sore. If the pain gets worse then go see a doctor.
kaitlin.. i really did break my hip to the extent of having three pins put into it.
The last post by me was the truth and not fiction..

i did get up..even with great great trouble.. and even continued to ski and walk after it was broken..

it was very very painful, but i did do it..
so getting up after a hip break is not impossible.

you still gave good advice about the i propen and visit to get x rays just to be sure.

Sorry, but i beg to differ with a few on here, I was about 30, i had an xray, found out i had broken my hip, it fused and doesn't operate properly, I have never been able to not walk. No one is able to determine when or how i broke it. Now it only bothers me when it is damp out.

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