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Frankly, I think you will need assistance for about 2 weeks after surgery. You will be on pain medication, have limited mobility (which will increase every day). I needed someone to assist me the first two weeks with meal preparation and changing dressings for my incision and also needed help with the anti-embolism stockings. For the first day or two, I needed a little assistance with the exercises you are given to do (one exercise called for use of a pillow under my knee and I needed help to position the pillow). You will not be able to bend and will need reachers, etc. My doctor wouldn't have even sent me home if I hadn't had assistance for at least the first two weeks. And, once I had the surgery I agreed. It would have been overwhelming to be by myself. Friends stopped in, but it wasn't the same as having someone there full time.

Shirley: When I went to my doctor for last checkup I was suffering from lots of pain in left knee and was worried that I had damaged my knee. He did various manipulations to check and told me it was fine. He said I had referred pain from my bad hip to the knee. Since my right leg was now 1/4 inch longer than left, (and will be until I have left leg done), I asked if I could get a lift. He said it was a good idea so I went to drugstore and bought a 1/4 inch lift for left shoe. It helped tremendously. Knee isn't bothering me much at all anymore unless I really overdo it at the gym. I didn't really like the lift I got in the drugstore for my work shoes and so found some I liked online. They are not very expensive. So, ask your doctor if you could be having referred pain. For my part, I'm still struggling with the UTI issue that surfaced in May before my surgery. Turns out am not getting urinary tract infections but have something called interstitial cystitis. I understand my case is mild, but now that's occupying my mind. So, its a blessing that my right hip is ok and left is pretty stable and not too painful. Send some good thoughts my way that my urologist is as good as my orthopedic surgeon. I feel pretty stressed right now.

Had THR 9 days ago now. It seems I can deal with the pain and stiffness but I have huge pain behind my right knee since right after operation that is like a bad toothache. I also noticed a huge purple bruise there. I wonder did they hurt or twist my knee during the hip surgery? Has anyone had anything similar like that happeening? Also, so hard to sleep at night with the stiffness and ache, even if I take pain meds or sleeping pill. I am EXHAUSTED but progressing well with recovery. This board is great for info. as there are so many variables once you leave the hospital.
I think you should contact your doctor about the knee pain and bruising. One possible complication from this surgery is the formation of blood clots, which are potentially very dangerous. I don't have enough medical expertise to know if what you are experiencing indicates that possibilty, but if it were me, the idea would come to my mind and I would be on the phone right away--Annie
[QUOTE=keil;3945860]the video is something else... I had my THR 3 1/2 year ago. Do you know if there is a video for knee replacements?

Ken, I believe it is right there on the sites homepage. Not sure if the knee surgury is a replacement though. I copied and pasted their other virtual OP's here:

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-Brian G.
3rdLeg, you sound a lot like what I did for my THR, between that and TKR (Left Hip & Right Knee - 4 years apart) the THR and rehab was easier too!
I am back at work (took 4 months off after the knee replacement)
The biggest thing is to follow the rehab exercises and yes try to "push" yourself a little more each day.
3rdLeg, again your right, no one knows or understands the pain we lived with, after my THR one day in still in teh hospital (maybe 2 days after surgery) I realized what felt different... no pain!
when I told my wife, she didn't really understand but knew I was in pain before the THR.
Hang in there and good luck

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