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I am 53 with a history of Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis ( rare hip condition - meaning I had a large pin put in and removed a year later in my early teens and on crutches for 1 1/2 years in Jr High!! :eek:) Done at Stanford.

Not one problem until 6 years ago- I fell and hurt my hip- many many opinions later as to why my hip hurt the pain slowly went away but I was firmly told a new hip was in my future for conflciting reasons no two could agree on! I had MRIs, CT scans and more xrays than I can count...Once the pain left I kept getting the x-rays as asked of me twice a year for comparisons...the hip seemed stable with no real changes... arthritic , good joint space etc. but not worsening, in fact at first it was improving. I was told to wait for as long as I could due to the fact the technology was improving.

Finally, in too much constant pain and limping these past 6 months sent me seeking again:dizzy: I also finally asked to see my xrays so I could take a recent set with me. I was slow to do this and not sure why. I could see a problem!

I finally found a doctor who was familair with my above hip condition ( rare) and also noted after a swift glance what I knew but no one seemed concerned about -the sore leg was a 1.5 cm shorter. He clearly said I should have been in a lift all these years ( why did everyone miss this?) He asked for a 3 phase bone scan as I was in more pain than my xray indicates and the bone is swelling- plus I am now set for a hip replacement March 2nd. So I have time to plan. (as long as the bone scan allows that )
His plan is to do a THR with anterior min. invasive. He works for a clinic in Palo Alto that only does hips/knees. His class was VERY helpful. His clinic is state of the art-

I also saw my chiropractor who is helping me with lifts etc.

My questions are numerous-

1) I cannot wear nickel earrings- allergy. Will this be a problem?

2) He wants to lengthen my leg a bit and I am now wearing graduated lifts to adjust- what questions should I ask in this regard?

3) He prefers a spinal with a light sleep if I wish as he says the pain is better managed and patients wake up quickly and easily. Never had a spinal - makes sense the numbing for 12 hours would be good as there is less pain meds needed.. any questions I should ask?

4) I teach- 3-5th grade. I think 10-12 weeks wise to set up a sub... Can I return to work after that? Dr said he'd like me to take the full 12 as the kids could bump into me etc....

5) Does your walk/gait change after this surgery?

6) Helpful tips for recovery? I live with my hubby and frisky cat in a gorgeous mountain home nestled in the redwoods.. but with stairs leading into the house.

Thanks for now!


Debbie: I am unable to wear pierced earrings also. When it became obvious that I would need a hip replacement, I ordered a blood test from a lab that specializes in testing for metal allergy. I have an allergy to nickel and the surgeon had to use a hip implant of titanium with a ceramic head which he said contained no nickel. You may want to discuss this with your surgeon before the surgery so he can advise you. Jan 9, 2009 will be 4 mths for me and my progress has been slow but gradually I am able to see a difference. I had a spinal with light general anestesia. I was allergic to oxycodone pain medication & that made me miserable. I believe the most helpful advise I received is "everyone is different and recovers at their own pace." My best wishes for your successful recovery.

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