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[QUOTE=englishdiamond2;3854014]Thank you for that. I don't really know about your condition, but why exactly did you have to have it replaced. I have no movement in my hip now at all therefore I cannot do the basics like sit on the floor crossed legged or put my own sock on of tie my shoe lace and I just want to know if those things will be accomplished post op? Did you suffer with pain before the op and what was the comparison after?
Kindest regards[/QUOTE]

I had AVN (avascular necrosis). Basically the round part of the hip socket had a lot of tiny little fractures so it felt like someone stabbing me with a dagger each time I took a step. I suppose your recovery may be impacted by why you had to have surgery in the first place.

Once the hip is replace I do know that I was able to do EVERYTHING I could before the pain ever started. I couldn't do splits before or anything so no difference there. :) But once you are fully healed you should be able to sit on the floor fine, tie shoes, put on a sock, etc. The only caveat is you'll have to be careful of which way you do it. Depending on how they put it in, you may be limited in which way you move your legs.

My incision was on the side so I can't move such as one would to buckle the side of an ankle strap on a shoe (if that makes sense), basically anything that might make it pop back out that way, especially soon after surgery. Imagine turning your knee in toward your other knee. Big no no.

They also suggest not crossing legs or sitting "Indian style" but I do that all the time and frankly find it very comfortable. Occasionally (especially in the first years after surgery) I'd get a weird feeling like it popped out for a second. But that was rare, and only had a minor weird feeling.

If you have the inicision in the back it's different. But my surgeon told me that it's not done too much anymore.

For me it was like a magic wand had been waved and all of a sudden I could live normally again, pain free. I hope it works out well for you. Once you recover, you'll most definitely notice the difference.

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