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omgg thank god ive found someone else with it aswell,, not that its a good thing, im 15 years old and ive had mind for years heres my story ii am 15years old and ive had the operation on my hip to remove the bursa.. this is how it began....

3yearsss ago ii was getting pains all down my right side of me,, ii was back and for to the doctors for ages,, until they said they think they had found out what it was, they took my appendix away,, ii rested for 6 weeks and ii never had no pain, buh as soon as i started walking again it was back, i was well upset because i throught that was the end of it, i was then told i had a stomach migrane,, and ii was put on a diet and everythinggg buhh it still didn go,, until they found out a nurse said to the doctor that it was my hip not my stomach,, so i was then refured too a consultant, and ii was told by the doctor if the needle they was gonna give me ( cortazone injection ) didnt work he want me refured to a child sakiatrist because he throught it was all in my head because i could pin point the place of pain, and that injection work for three months,,( MY GOD DID THAT HURT) i finally had my life back,, buhh after three months the pain was back again so the doctor tryed another injection buhh this one didn work,, ii wass well sad becausee ii was going on holidayy,, ii was sent to physio classes i done one class and was stuck in bed for a week soo the phrepist refused to touch me again and sent me back to my consultant, they couldnt do nothing else for me exept an opertaion,, so ii took the chance of having not knowning if it was going to work or not,, ii was fine for the first 2 months after my op,, buhh coming up too 3 monthss now,, ii was sent to hospital because they throught i had a abcuss or infection where i had my operation, but it wasn that they said i done to much because nothing showed up in my bloods, now a week on with being told that its still the same,, its hot and red,, and veryy sore too touchh,, ii have been told to stick ice packs on it for the swelling to go down, buh its not workingg,, ii am going to see my consultant on tuesdayy to find out whats going on,, i have been to my consutant today and he wants a MRI scan because he is not happy at all witht he way its turned out,, but the down side of this is that it not a operation that is garunteed,, im so fed up because i am only 15 and have no life at al,, im stuck in all the time,, and its getting to me big time,, ii knw how u feel,, ii would go out for a day or walk round for a couple of hours and be stuck in bed for a week, ii once had to have a ambulance to come and get me outta bed because i was that bad,, if theres anything you want to know feel free to ask,, xx
Hey, all! I saw autumneve's message and thought I'd post an update! It's now been 2.5 years since the pain started that was eventually diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis.

One of the things I found relieved the discomfort short term was a portable TENS unit. I took to wearing one all day and turning the juice on any time pain started to creep up on me, which was often. I could reserve pain medication for whenever the TENS couldn't do it alone.

A little over a year ago, my mother talked me into seeing her massage therapist, at her expense. She specializes in medical massage.

At first I'd feel a lot of relief that would gradually evaporate throughout the week. She would stretch the muscles that were pulling my joints out of place and really work on the fascia. She prescribed strength building exercises (especially core) and reinforced the need to stretch at home.

Eventually, the benefits of the massage and exercise began to be retained better. In her words, I was "stabilizing." I could walk longer and sit up at least a little.

The real miracle for me happened about 8 months ago, when my mother talked me into seeing her chiropractor as well (also at her expense). The chiropractor not only did adjustments like you'd expect from a chiropractor, but also did therapy for breaking up subcutaneous scar tissue, spinal decompression (aka traction - she thought that the disk bulges my orthopedic physician had dismissed were probably causing me more pain than he had thought) and she introduced me to something caled SCENAR - for nerve damage. She prescribed herbal supplements that relieved inflammation but contained no asprin (or willow bark).

Now I have a life again. I'm able to do most of the things I used to. I can drive again, although sitting up for long periods is still a mistake. My pain is not completely gone - but it's manageable. I was able to discontinue the supplements a few months ago and take pain medication very rarely.

There's hope. Don't rule anything out - investigate everything and keep an open mind.

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