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Rita, you know that a lot of these problems can be helped and/or prevented.

When I was 13 years old I aspired to be and acrobat like my cousin. She taught me how to do the "back bend". I was skinny and should not have been doing this, but no one knew any better. I was successful in learning this, but didn't do it reguarily. One day I took the notion to do it and as I was half way down I got scared that I was going to fall - might have broken my neck if I did. Anyway, I jerked myself back up hard to the left. I felt a pop and a twinge in my back and it was uncomfortable for a while, and then I forgot about it. A few years later I began having difficulty when sitting on those wooden folding chairs in church. I would put my right arm behind my back and arch it forward.

Fast forward 50 years. The hip started to hurt. For a while I could almost not walk. When I stood from sitting I had to take time to make sure that the leg would hold and not collapse.

Doc did the X-rays and said "moderate arthritis". You could need a hip replacement."
Not liking this idea I did some research and began taking Flax Oil. Big Help.
Next I noticed that my feet had become flat! This condition further put my frame out of alignment. So to remedy this I put Arch Supports into my shoes.
Begger help. I could now walk - no pain. I could walk up stairs and all over the shopping mall.

I then becam allergic to the Flax Oil. Started using high potency Fish Oil.
Allergic to that I used Evening of Primrose Oil. Allergic to that, I now use nothing. The prolem now is that I have a pinched nerve not only in the hip which can cause pain if I move just wrong, but in my neck. All connected you know.
Anyhow, I am now 80 years old and there is just no way I will ever submit to this horrendous surgery.

Moral of the story. Check your frame alignment - or find a doctor who is knowledgable who will.
Check your feet - are those bones in the arch area bent inwards. In some folks they almost touch the floor. How your shoes wear gives lots of clues as to the alignment of your frame.

Also very important. People who are overweight are highly likely to have bad problems in this area.

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