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Hello everyone,

When I was 15 years old, I suffered from osteochondritis dissecans in my right knee. A huge piece of my femur broke off and required surgery. Presently, I am 22 years old (female) and have been experiencing some weakness and pain in my left knee. When I was 15 I was highly active--a gymnast, volleyball player, and a few other things.

Presently, I am not nearly as active due to other medical problems, but I have been going out for runs more often. My question is, am I susceptible to experiencing osteochondritis dissecans in my left knee due to having it once in my right? Also is it possible to re-experience osteochondritis dissecans in my right knee?

Also as a side note, it's tough to explain, but I can "crack" my knees the way a person would crack their knuckles. They make a huge cracking sound when I do this. I have been able to do this since at least 13. The only reason why I continually do so on occasion is because my knees begin to feel VERY uncomfortable if I don't. It doesn't hurt, but it can become extremely uncomfortable if I do not "crack" them. I was never sure what to make of that? I try my best to reduce the number of times I do this, because I know it will only result in more pain as I continue to age.

I am concerned of whether or not to stay as active as I am--for I fear my leg may break! And I don't have health insurance :( Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

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