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Killer knee pain
Mar 7, 2009
Three weeks ago , I was running with my dog and she pulled me to the concrete. Since then I have been having killer knee pains. I can't bear all my weight for fear that the knee will give way. When I am at rest there is also a annoying knee pain on the inside next to the knee capand runs down towards the back of my knee. I have had an x- ray and nothing is broke. Dr. ordered an MRI but with no insurance I can't afford to pay the MRI. Now for about the past week, my leg and foot are getting extremely cold. Down right freezing, takes forever to get warmed back up. Any suggestions or ideas please let me know. I have a family of 7 and 2 are disabled and I take care of them. Hard to do that when I am in pain and on crutches.
Having had 14 knee surgeries and just about everything that can go wrong with a knee, go wrong, I'll make a couple of educated guesses. the most painful thing that happens with a knee is bursitis. These are sacks of fluid under the muscles and tendons that provide lubrication when you move those tendons and muscles. If they become inflamed and swell they cause horrendous pain. You might have landed on a bursa and caused it to swell. Treatment is ice and trying not to move the affected area. If you can afford it, get a cortisone shot.

The freezing in your leg and foot may be the blood flow being slowed by swelling but I'm also concerned you might have a blood clot somewhere from the fall. Watch for signs of redness and heat that would indicate a clot. Your leg will be cold and almost bluish below the red hot area. If that occurs...get yourself to an ER. That's an emergency. If you just have the cold and not signs of a clot(red and warm)try taking some aspirin....even just 1 every 4-6 hours as a blood thinner. Might stop one in formation if you injured a blood vessel when you fell, and it might help it heal. If you think it's bursitis, try ibuprofen....2-3 200mgs pills 4 times a day. It's a good anti-inflammatory. Don't take both aspirin and ibuprofen...kills the stomach.

Two troublesome bursas are the one right below the kneecap and another to the inside of the knee and a little below. Actually, with the knee they are all over the place.

Write back and let me know how you feel.


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