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Hello all: I am a 28 year old woman who just had to quit her waitressing job due to serious hip/buttock pain on my left side....I have so-so insurance, but the cost of the MRI to do diagnostics was $1,200 for a bi-lateral and half that for one leg.....Needless to say, without a job there is no way I can afford that so my Ortho Dr. (who I don;t really trust) prescribed me physical therapy for a month instead, to see if it helps, and then we will go from there...The thing is, in the meantime I am trying to determine how serious this is and what level of activity I can maintain, and how long I should expect the recovery peroid to be...since right now I have no clue, I feel as though it may be a long time till I can work again. :(
Anyways, I would greatly appreciate it if you could glace at my list of symptoms/injury history and see if you have any clue what may be happening, and how serious it is.....:

a brief history of my legs:

I broke my right femur in 1995 when I was hit by a car, had two surgeries done through my right hip to insert a titanium rod into my femur and BIG pin through my hip. (I should note that my hip was not injured at this time, just my femur, but they just went through my hip to do the surgery on my femur, and put a big screw in it.) Rod and pin were removed in 1998.

In 2001 I broke the back of my right hip socket and partially dislocated my hip just from hyper-extending it when i tripped on something....(so lame)
This injury caused a lot more problems in the long-run then my femur fracture...since this injury i have had to give up running, and I get sore if I walk too much, there is also a grinding in my hip at all times....the Dr.'s say different things, but I have been told and believe that there is damage to my cartalidge from the break. Also, it was never treated properly as I am quite young to have a hip fracture, so it was overlooked...the er told me it was impossible that i broke my hip and it was not until i had an MRI months later that the break was confirmed...i think i would never have broken my hip had they not done the surgeries THROUGH my hip to work on my femur.

and now....

I have been working a restuarant job that requires me to be on my feet for 4-8 hours at a time, the floors are hard concrete, and over the past several months I have had increasing pain in my left hip (the "good" one) The pain began in my buttock area and felt like a dull/strong ache that was sometimes icy-hot feeling, if that makes any then progressed down my leg, causing occasional numbness in my quad, along where i think the I.T. band it, the numbness accoured most commonly after long peroids of also had an icy-hot quality to it though....then most recently, in the past month the pain has gotten down to my left knee, and it feels as if I am not walking correctly, and my knee is being twisted or pulled funny, it is made much worse from walking...I cannot walk more than a couple blocks or stand for long without SERIOUS is also unconfortable to sit sometimes.....Lying down on my stomach seems to be the most comofortable. But I can hardly go through the day that way...
It is now the left hip/leg knee that I am primarilty concerned with. left knee now seems to be taking the brunt of it. I mistakenly tried to power through the pain to keep my job, thinking it was just a matter of needing stretching...but now I have certainly injured it.

My orthopedic Dr. (who I am not a fan of) ordered x-rays, they looked normal, and he then ordered an MRI which I cannot afford.....So he then sent me to a physical therapist who I LOVE and have just began seeing last week. I have only seen him twice, and do not have a diagnosis yet (that is what they want to do the MRI for, but because it is VERY expensive, the Dr. wants to see if pyhsical therapy helps before I pay the high MRI cost)
Although I do not have a diagnosis, here is the P.T.'s assessment thus far:

very tight psoas muscles, especially on right side
very tight IT band on both sides
very tight piriformis muscles, both sides.....
slight curvature in my mid-back
pelvis is tilted--right side pulled down and frontward and right side pulled up and back

So I am working on stretch and self-massage at home...

So my question for you is: do you think this could be piriformis syndrome/brusistis??/ What is going on, and what in my hip could be causing my knee so much trouble? My left hip feels as if it is one GIANT knot and that my knee cap is being pulled funny (it is also very tight I have noticed, in comparison to the right kneecap which is wiggly and loose.


I am so worried!!!! I have't been able to do anything for almost a month....And i am so poor.
what is happening???

p.s. I should note that altough it has been achy for months it got considerably worse after pushing myself through some shifts at work when I was in pain....That is when it became a constant ache, before it was mostly just agitated after long periods of standing or walking...

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