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Hello all, I tried posting earlier without my success about my hip problems.
I won't go into my inury history now, but I will say that due to some serious injuries in the past I now have a misaligned pelvis and have developed SERIOUS hip/butt and knee pain in my left leg, which used to be my "good leg." It started about 4 months ago as a nagging ache in my butt area, and then progressed slowly down my outer thigh, occasionally feeling numb or icy-hot.
In the past month it has seriously began to affect my knee, My kneecap is really tight and it feels like I am walking totally incorrectly, like my femur is landing awkawrdly on my knee, causing a lot of stress and a weird pull on my knee joint. My knee now also feels swollen and irriated after even a little walking.

I had x-rays done and they appeared normal, the Dr. ordered an MRI but I could not afford it. So he sent me to P.T. and I have only had two sessions, and do not have a diagnosis, but here is what my P.T. said:

i have a misaligned pelvis
right leg is noticibly longer than the left
slight scoliosis

I am doing my stretches and excercies, but can hardly walk and am in serious pain in my knee and hip if I do so for more than a short while. I can't even sit for long cause my butt hurts,...
i cannot work and may have to go on disability-I am only 28!!!

I feel so old and am afraid this will keep me from living my life.
Please help! I can;t walk without serious pain!
I think this is all a result of misalignment, but how do I fix that??


i'm scared.


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