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Hi, Mesha
I just wanted to let you know you are not alone with the long lasting hip problems. I have been having hip problems since 2003. It all stemed from running cross country. For 3 years i had chronic bursitis, every month I would get a steriod injection in my right hip. It helped a little bit.
Then when I was trainning for the philidelphia Marathon, I started having pain on the inside of my hip (groin area). It took my doctors 3 months to find out I tore my labrum, and all the debris was lodged in the socket. That is why I couldn't get out a full stride when I ran. So my Doctor sent me to Willmington, Deleware to have the arthroscopic surgery. No doctor in my are did the surgery. ( I am from Berks County, 45 minutes from Phili.) I had the surgery done at the end of January 2008. I was healing fine for a while, and was doing very well in physical therapy. Then all of the sudden I stopped getting better and started getting worse. So I had to stop physical therapy. They checked and rechecked to see if I retore my labrum. I didn't. By that time is was April and I wasn't working because I couldn't be on my feet for 8 hours at at, it just hurt too much. Well I recieved injections in my groin. It helped for about 2-3 weeks, until the cortizone wore off. But by that time I still wasn't working and couldn't afford my health insurance anymore. I went back to work at a different place ( I hated my old job). I went to work everyday fine, but by the end of my shift I could barley walk, let alone drive.
Just recently I started seeing doctors again because my husband joined the Navy and I get free health care:) So i just started going to orthopedic doctors again in February of 2009. But it sucks because I have to start fresh with all new doctors because my husband and I had to move out of state so he could start his first phase of school for the Navy. So i have been to three doctors already. The first one sent me to physical therapy, which was totally pointless. Therapy just made me worse. I went back to him again for a follow up, but the doctor said he couldn't help me, and that I need to go back home to be treated. Well i was pissed off and I think the doctor knew it too. But luckly my therapist told me to call if I needed anythig, so I called him to see if he knew of any other dr.'s who deal with mostly the hip. He did, and I went to another one. Doctor number two said he couldn't help me either, but he said he might know another dr. that might be able to figure out what is wrong with me. So on to Dr. number 3. Now this doctor actually found out what is wrong with my hip. He said it looks like my hip bones are aligned wrong, and instead the ball and socket rotate inward, therfore pressing down on nerves and what not. Unfortunatly this Dr. doesn't do the surgery I need. So he is sending me to another Dr. who will evaluate me and possiblty do major surgery. Dr. 3 said I will probably need a Osteotomy (the name of the surgery) done. Which I heard is worse then a total hip replacement. I see Dr. 4 at the end of April, and will find out waht is going on.
So just know you are not alone dealing with cronic hip problems. It sucks, I am only 21 years old and need major hip surgery. I can't even do the things I enjoy anymore, like run, play tennis, and swim. Hell I can't even work my lower body out. I just hope that Dr. # 4 actually will be able to help me this time.

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