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Hi there :)

Well, I have broken down and joined a forum. I'm not really the type to add my opinion to message boards, but I guess there is always a time to start! I've been struggling with right hip pain almost 3 years. It's time to vent and tell my story.
It started on May 31, 2006. My whole world flipped upside down that day. Literally. What started as a day of what I thought would be packing and spending time with a close friend would soon turn into the bad dream I still can't seem to wake up from. I'm not here to complain or plead for a pity party; things could have been a lot worse. Terrifyingly worse. Bits and pieces I remember. People say I should be glad I don't, and it's probably for the best that I don't. I disagree. It's part of [I]my[I] life that is foggy, and I particularly don't care for that.
We, my friend 'Ann' and I, were at a stop light, making a left hand turn to go grocery shopping. I was taking a break from packing up my apartment. I, well 'we' (we'll get to that later) were moving in 2 days. I was starting a new job the following week. I was psyched. It was a bright, beautiful, sunny day.. one of those where the summer breeze was starting and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The next thing I knew I was playing in a grassy green rolling field with a baby elephant. We were skipping and laughing, wild flowers everywhere, a lone willow tree stood in the middle. I was in awe and couldn't be happier. This was my dream! (I guess this should be a good part to explain that I am slightly obsessed with elephants. Ever since I have been a child. I grew up in the middle of 15 acres of woods. Surely that would be a perfect place for an elephant, or so the six year old Mesha thought she could convince her Dad).
Before I knew it a very distinct male voice was talking to me. My name? Um, well sure I know it! And of course I know the year.. It's 2006. I was just going to get groceries with Ann.. wait a minute.. where am I? What's going on? Where's Ann? Ann? ANN? The voice answered back, 'It's ok. She's ok. Everything is going to be ok. Can you feel your legs? I need you to keep your neck still. You were in a car crash, but it's ok, help is coming, you are going to be ok.'
The rest of the details get fuzzy. I couldn't breathe right, it felt weird to talk. I was sleepy but wide awake. I try some times desperately to remember but I just can't. I know it's minor, I should just forget it. But I'm someone that needs control in my life and to know what's going on. And I HATE that I can't remember. We never made it to get groceries. Ann made a left hand turn at an intersection at the same time a minivan was rushing to beat a red light. I was the passenger and hit directly on my right side. T-Boned. Too bad I didn't get a nice steak out of the deal. I was unconscious for 5 minutes and after being trapped in the car for 45 minutes was air lifted to HUP. The male voice turned out to be an EMT who witnessed the accident from a few cars back. He was off duty at the time. If it weren't for him reacting so quickly, well... I don't know. That man is my angle in disguise. I never got to meet him, however managed to track his phone number down to later call him and thank him. Without for his calm voice it would have been a lot scarier. I will never forget it. In total there were 3 cars involved. Five adults and two children. Thank God I was the only one hurt. Everyone else walked away. And yes, I wore my seat belt. The helicopter ride was awful. It hurt so bad to lie flat, and I was going to be sick. But I wouldn't vomit on the helicopter... I that is one think I remember well. I felt too bad for the two paramedics with me, it was tight quarters! The next thing I knew it was like a scene from ER. My clothes were being ripped off, I was flipped from side to side, prod ed and probed, jewelry out, sucked after aspirating on the table. All I could think was, omg it's true.. always wear clean underwear and I'm fine.. I'll be going home tonight.
So now some irony. I was in intensive care for 3 days and the regular floor for 4. My list of injuries included: on the right side; 3 cracked teeth, a 'seat belt' burn on my neck, cracked clavicle, 3 cracked ribs, collapsed lung, lacerated liver, slight cracked hip, blood clots in both legs and a left broken ankle plus lots of small glass wounds. I was a mess. A wreck. What in the world happened? I was just going for groceries! And they weren't even for me! I was just taking a break! I was going to keep packing, I promise!! As bad as it was though, I was ALIVE. And I couldn't Thank God enough for that. So back to the irony... life threatening injuries.. intensive care, filter implants, blood thinners.. and what is still giving me problems? My HIP. The one thing everyone pushed aside. It was "barely" broken. 25 percent weight bare.. yeah that's what you need to do. Nooo.. can't do it with crutches, have to use a walker. Remember, you're left ankle is broken. You need to take it easy with that too! Yeah, easy for [I]you[/I] to say. YOU don't have to do it!
My job, thank God, still wanted me and was willing to wait as long as I needed. My boyfriend however, the other part of the 'we' that was moving, he didn't want to wait. After 4 years, he couldn't deal with this. And Ann.. she wouldn't talk to me, wouldn't return my calls. She came to the hospital once. To this day I don't know why... some say because of the guilt. I never blamed her and never will. That's why it's called an accident. That makes it hard... so much I want to ask her, to try to remember. I lost a lot that day... a lover, a friend, my ability to be alone, my freedom. So there I was. Broken, bruised, and alone in a brand new apartment made for two. Again, Thank GOD for family and friends. With a new out look and again the "I'M ALIVE" attitude I could do it. And boy am I ever glad now the boyfriend left!!
So.. getting bored yet? Thinking ok, get on with it woman! What's the deal with your hip!?!
Six weeks post accident check up I was hoping to ditch the walker. I got the ok and was flying high, but with caution to still take it easy. I had started my new job, working with emotionally disturbed kids, and was loving it. I went back full time after starting part time and was managing ok. I was tired, sure, and yeah my hip hurt at the end of the day, and well, ok maybe it was hurting more than at the end of the day. Like maybe all day? And yes.. ok now there is some swelling on the side.. Hmm... that's new...
Back to the ortho. Let's try a round of anti-inflammatories was the next step. 3 months later.. yeah doc.. no relief.. a what? MRIA? a possible tear? This was discovered in January of 2007 after more rounds of antiflammatories and ice and rest. The MRIA results showed a possible labrum tear anterior and a definite posterior. Now what? I wasn't very happy with where I was being followed and wanted something closer to home. See new doctor in March 2007. Let's try a round of 'aquatic therapy' and a shot.. see if we can build you up. I don't think I wanted to cry more after those sessions. And this was in the water? This was supposed to help and provide cushioning? Meanwhile, I was to take a trip back to Philly to have some IR injections and a second opinion as ordered by MD 2. MD 3, Pompous. Barely even looked at me. Only saw him once. Back to MD 2. At this point it is May 2007. I receive a call on the anniversary of my accident from MD2. Calls to see how I am, was reviewing records and sees what the dates is. I am dumbfounded. A highly ranked ortho surgeon taking time out of his busy schedule to call? Other good news. MD 2 found me a new doctor... might have what you need.. only thing.. he's in NYC.
This brings us to November of 2007. Yes.. seems to be a big pause in the treatment... During this time received 3 shots and had to wait to see MD4, Dr. Kelly in NYC. First of all, what a great Surgeon and team. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone and everyone. He decided to scope my hip in Feb 2008. 25 percent of my labrum was 'mushed' and had to be removed. He attempted to repair a part. I also had a partial psoas release and several bursectomies. I was doing GREAT until August of 2008. My feeling came back fully in the skin and underlying muscle. I started feeling achy, a dullness, and thinking &#!%, what is going on. Back to NYC we go in Oct 2008. At this point the team is thinking flexor tendonitis and I am prescribed bed rest, cane walking, antinflammatories and ART therapy following with a month back to regular PT. Okay, I can do this.. minor set back, my job loves me and won't let me go, things will be ok.
Since October I have been on 3 different antinflammartories with nasty side effects, another shot in IR, several X-rays and another MRI which showed a posterior labral tear. Again. Oh, and did I forget to mention that somewhere along all this it was discovered I have trauma related dysplagia in the right hip as well. I received a call in the middle of Feb from Dr. Kelly. He wants me to go to Boston and see Dr. Millis for a consult for PAO surgery. I decided to get a consult at Rothman Institute first. I'm so tired of traveling for Doctors. I live right outside of Philly for goodness sakes! Someone here can help.. right?
Today is March 25, 2009. I saw Dr. Parvizi with the Rothman Institute today. He doesn't feel like I may be a good candidate for PAO. On a scale of 1-10, he said I'm a 5. He's going to consult Dr. Ganz in Switzerland and see what he says, along with Dr. Millis in Boston.
I'm tired. I feel like I'm 85. I am in the prime of my life and can't enjoy it to the fullest right now. It hurts so bad. I don't sleep, have no appetite, and well.. now I'm breaking down and blogging... (no offense! it actually is rather therapeutic!) It's just so frustrating being 27 and not being able to 'be it'.
I've been on medical leave since mid January because of pain. I know things could be worse, believe me.. I could have cancer, I could have had massive burns, heck I could have even lost my leg, but I didn't. I know I have to have faith it'll get better, but right now.. ugh. I met the most amazing man in September and he has been such a wonderful support in all of this. Goes on appointments with me, gives me massages when I'm sore, and held my hair back when the Voltarn ripped up my stomach. And boy what a complete difference than the ex! I used to tell my mom, who's gonna want me after all these problems and down the road complications, I couldn't even keep the one I had. She kept saying, the cream rises to the top, and boy is she right!! (although, aren't mom's always right?) And I have such great friends along with my parents.. the best in the world might I add. Have been there for me completely! My 'support team' tells me often how well I handle this all and that no one else could do it like I do. It's just so frustrating to hear, "well it's bad but not bad enough yet." I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE NOW! Chronic pain is horrible.. it really is...
well.. I guess I have rambled enough... Just hoping I hear something by the end of the week...
Take Care :)

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