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I am told that "snap, crackle, pop" is what we can expect with this joint.

My knees have never locked up on me; but they were very painful. I was on
morphine for a year and maxed out on Tyllenol #3 at the same time,and I was
STILL in pain. My left knee is doing ok. I do notice some discomfort that is
nothing compared to previously. Actually, the pain in my right knee is sort
of over riding the discomfort in my left knee. I was supposed to have the
right knee replaced May 07 but developed the possibility of an abscess
involving one of my teeth, and was on antibiotics. The surgery was postponed
because the dental stuff was happening too close to the surgery date. I have
been told that I cannot have any dental work done two weeks before surgery
and not for three months following. Also I must be on antibiotics whenever I
have any dental work done -- for the rest of my life, because of the risk of infection.

For the past two years I have done nothing but work, eat, and sleep.
Occasionally, I would take my bicycle out with some friends. I can now bike
fine, and have taken up swimming which is highly recommended by my surgeon.
I am looking forward to walking/hiking once I have two good knees under me.
i had the most incredibly funny walk because I was compensating for the
pain. My physiotherapist aped my walk and I couldn't help but laugh as I
watched his interpretation of what i looked like. I have had to learn to
walk properly once again. I am still not walking absolutely correctly
because of my right knee, but I can only look forward to improving.

If you're only two months post op I wouldn't worry about biking as yet. My
suggestion would be to wait for the 3 months mark and then go biking with
friends -- on fairly flat surfaces at first.

I haven't done much twisting yet because of my other knee, but once I have
two knees that work I will be doing deep water running (aka Extreme H2O, or
aerobics in the dive tank. I don't know much about yoga, but what I do know,
I would take it easy with that. Are you able to call your doctor's office
and ask what your limitations are? Or were you given instructions upon

I am back at work - 4 hours per day monday to friday for now. My MD doesn't
want me to work full time just yet, and I don't want to go back on Morphine
jsut for two more months until my surgery at the end of july. It's quite a
juggling act.

Please excuse my disjointed reply, but I was trying to comment on your email
as I read it.

Thanks for the email. Let's keep in touch.

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