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Country Girl,

Did you mean to say this knee would always crack and pop? Not that that would be new to me. My right knee actually crackles and pops a lot more. My doctor said my only limitation with this knee would be high impact exercise which I already knew. I didn't ask specifically about the Yoga. I can already do some positions I was just wondering about sitting crossed legged which is kind of standard. I couldn't sit cross legged before because neither of my knees bent more than about 110 degrees. It didn't stop me from doing Yoga. I guess I was like the guy in that old joke who asked if he could play the violin after a surgery when he'd never played the violin at all. After all this work I guess I want things to be better than they ever were.

Some days I get afraid and think my life as I knew it is over especially when nothing I do seems to loosen up my knee. :( Then, the next day it will be better and I will be over optimistic. This has been so much more difficult than I expected. I had my surgery on 6 April and I really expected to be fully recovered by now. I was a little sad that I missed all the "May is Bike Month" activities. There is a friendly competition in my area to see who can bike the most miles in that month. Except for my knees, I was in really great shape this year. I was hoping to ride 500 miles. I only did 300 last year.

I sound like such a whiner. I am very grateful that I have any kind of knee. Just 50 years ago, they would have just fused my joint because knee prosthesis' were still experimental. I would have walked like Chester from Gunsmoke for the rest of my life. There would have been NO hope of riding then.

Thank you for replying to my message. My gym has a pool and I will make an effort to get into it on a regular basis. That was highly recommended by my doctor and physical therapist.

I am getting better every day and I hope you are as well.

Katy :)

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