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Why don't you try getting one of those Therma Care wraps and using that at night, They have some new ones that last 12 hours and are shaped just for the knee. I've even gotten the ones for the back and cut them down for my thighs. I've also used them long-ways on the back of my calves. Got me through 5 hours of driving with bad achilles tendinitis. But buy the good one, not the store brand. Made that mistake and they are nowhere as good as the real ones.

Did they put that machine on you after surgery that massages the calf to prevent blood clots? It feels like a progressive massage starting around the ankle then going up the calf. You might be able to rent one from a surgical supply store and that might help as well. As your doc and a script should pay for the rental.

But you'll get there. I remember spending a lot of time taking hot bathes after surgery. It always made me feel so much better. So I used a heating pad in bed with a towel over it and that helped too. But those bathes relaxed all of me!

So if heat helps, take a look at some different ways to keep your muscles warm and the blood flowing.


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