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Hey all first of all Id like to thank each and everyone of you that takes the time to read this post. IF ANYONE AS ANY INPUT PLEASE TELL ME IM A VERY WORRIED PARENT AT THE TIME.

Ok her problems began after playing ball since the age of 6-12. We began going to the sports medicine clinic (with no testing other than xrays) then onto physical therapy for 3 months and to no avail didnt work. Finally at the age of 13 she quit playing ball thereafter if would only flair up from time to time. Swelling around her knee, popping in and out of place, unbearable pain most of the time and when she became a freshman in 08' it sorta started easing up. The pain was still there but was bareable. OK then 2 weeks ago her right leg swelled so bad and then it turned blook red down to her ankle and was feverish to the touch and on both side of her ankles was twice the size they should be from the swelling so therefore I took her to the ER to no avail they pretty much said oh its juss problems your tendonitus acting up go up wear ur brace and in a day or two it should be better. Then another doctor came in and said Im not sure about what the Nurse Pract. said so he suggested we go to her pediatrician the next day for an order of an MRI. Ok then they called the house yesterday (Friday 10th) and told my husband that they needed me to call them asap. I therefore got home and called and the nurse basically said that her Dr. didnt wanna discuss this over the phone and that we needed to be there first thing Monday morning to talk to him. Naturally I panicked and called back and finally got to talk to his nurse practionar which we also see alot on normal visits she then said Heather I kno your worried so heres a lil bit of wats going on....she has some major swelling inside and around her bone marrow in her right knee and down her leg. She said this is usually not common in teens and we first gotta find out the underlining problem and go from there.

So now thats pretty much all I kno until Monday morning so does anyone out there have any ideas of what Im up against. It juss worries me when they said that the bone marrow was the major problem and that scared me to death.

PLEASE if anyone has any ideas of what this could be and wat we have ahead of us to deal with please help

she also noted on the fone yesterday that if any redness or more swelling shown up to bring her to the ER asap.

Thanks for anyone input

Worried mom

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