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There are 2 big bursas in each hip that cause a lot of pain and can become chronic. One is on the side of the hip and is the trochanter bursa. You feel it when you lay on the affected side. Ischial bursitis is felt when you sit on it. I've had bursitis in both for years as it goes along with my arthritis(OA and RA). After years and years of cortisone shots, PT, anti-inflammatories, ice, heat, everything...I found a fairly simple way to alleviate most of the pain. I bought a 2" mattress cover of the "miracle" foam stuff they make mattresses out of (and pillows and bed covers and all sorts of stuff). The extra padding really relieved the pain. And when I sit, I have a very soft pillow to sit on. It made all the difference in the world.

Sounds stupid but the bursa is caught between the bone and the tendon going over it and it's job is to lubricate the tendon. So by adding the extra padding, especially at night, it just seemed to let it recover. I have it on both sides and I have a back problem so I almost always sleep on my sides so I couldn't get off of them. If they get really bad I double the pad up. Nothing pressing up against the hips and they get better.

So try just putting a soft mattress pad in your bed and try not to lay on that side if it's the side bursa. If it's the other, sit on a soft pillow.

Sounds stupid but I've had this for 30 years and this is the best relief I've had yet.


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