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Hi, everyone!

An update:

I finally got an MRI after several trips to a different clinic. I don't know why it took 3 months for them to order the MRI. Healthcare decisions like these baffle me.

Anyway, they got imaging of both my lumbar region and my hip. It took a referral to a referral to find someone who would pursue this thing to the end.

I finally found out that bursitis and tendon issues might go completely undetected by an MRI. The only thing that showed on the images were some mild bulges between a few of my lumbar. Even though the new orthopedist didn't think they were the cause of the pain, he ordered a cortizone shot there to rule it out definitely. The shot did, in fact, do no good whatsoever.

Then he ordered one to the sacro-iliac. That one did give me moderate relief.

The bottom line: He's identified 3 different inflammed regions. The SI, the trochanteric bursa, and on at least one occasion, the IT band. All of these are the result of mechanical abnormalities (being knock-kneed and having scoliosis). He said that no surgery would help, and that there was no curing this. All I could do was manage it.

Since starting Physical Therapy last fall and getting medical massage, I have been fairly improved. I have also found other ways to reduce stress on the hip - I use an inflatable donut cushion when I sit and have a new "air core" mattress with adjustable firmness. My doctor has also prescribed me hydrocodone and a mobile TENS unit for pain management.

My husband had to learn to detect when my hip was out of alignment and help me shift it back. And of course, if any activity I do (like walking 15 minutes over uneven ground) causes a flare up, I must immediately ice. Weather also seems to affect it.

And... that's where I am. Not recovered, but managing. ;)

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