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[QUOTE=cbuto;3983284]My daughter was recently diagnosed with hip dysplasia and was given 4 treatment options. Two were quickly ruled out which leaves only two...over the counter prescription drugs and exercise OR PAO. She has already tried the first with prescription drugs and not seen any relief. The PAO option sounds scary. Any additional input would be greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]
My suggestion would be to get the opinions of doctors who aren't orthopedic surgeons. Seek out the advice of, for example, chiropractors and physical therapists who specialize in hips. My chiropractor has been able to help me tremendously with my right hip (which was operated on), as well as my left. When my left hip is bothering me, he adjusts it and the pain goes away for at least a couple of months. A physical therapist may be able to help strengthen the muscles in your daughter's pelvic area to provide more support to the hip joint. Since I haven't had any stability in my hip since the surgery, strengthening the muscles in that area is the key focus for my treatment right now (and has been for a couple years), in hopes that it will provide some stability to the joint.

Also, because the PAO procedure will involve cutting of muscles, tissues, nerves, etc., talk to doctors who specialize in those areas as well, to see what the outlook would be on the recovery of those particular things. From what I've learned, speaking to orthopedic surgeons will only result in the review of the bone. But, the surgery affects so much more than that. Try to get a full picture of what's involved because injury to one part of the body will undoubtedly affect another part.

As a side note: The success rate of the PAO, based on the people I've come into contact with are not very positive. I, for one, have not seen "success" and am not even close to full recovery yet...and it's been years since I had the procedure done. I used to work with a woman, probably in her late 40's who had better results than me; however, a couple of years ago, she started having nerve pains that ran up her leg and into her butt area. It was so painful. She also had instances where her hip buckled unexpectedly. There was another woman who I worked with whose daughter had the same procedure done about 2 years before me. She was 14 at the time. She, too, has struggled to recover and has sought the help of other doctors and physical therapists. The last I heard, she was unable to bend her neck to look down and could not sit in a car for long periods of time. A therapist that works at my chiropractor's office mentioned to me last year that she worked on an Asian male in his early 30's who had the PAO. He had difficulties as well, to the point where he was scheduled to do another surgical procedure to try and remedy the new problems he was having. Also, an orthopedic surgeon that I visited for a consultation said that he sees a lot of patients who have had the PAO, who shared the same problems as me. A lot of them were uninformed of what the procedure really consisted of; so they too, were searching for answers to find some sort of relief. Last, but not least, this past January, I saw another orthopedic surgeon to find out more about hip replacements, who said that the most frequent repercussion of the PAO is arthritis. This was particularly disturbing to me because I was told that I had to hurry to make a decision before arthritis set in; if it did set it, the doctor wouldn't be able to do the procedure - this came from both the surgeon and my 2nd opinion. There I was, trying to avoid arthritis; and now, here I am, much more likely to get it.

I know how difficult it is to be in constant pain and the feelings of urgency to find solutions to get rid of it, but don't let that lead to quick decisions and the belief that you're down to only 1 option since the prescription drugs aren't working. After I had surgery, and in the process of trying to find help, I realized that there are more options than what I was presented with. There also weren't many articles or resources on PAO in 2004-2005, so I put most of my trust in what the doctors told me. Keep searching, keep asking questions, and tell your daughter not to give up hope.

Good luck and don't hesitate to ask more questions :)

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