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I seem to have done some form of strange injury, and due to either incompetance or some other factor the doctors I have seen so far are clueless :( :P.
I am already on the way to trying to get an MRI etc, and seeing a specialist, but that is gooooonnaaaa taaaaaaake aaaaaaaaaagggggeesss.

It was an injury accrued whilst doing gymnastics.
I did a backflip which seemed to strain a ligament on the in-side of my knee. A little one, not like the major four.

Anyways, a day later, I was in a kneeling posistion/squating posistion. And something clicked out of place. And when my muscles contracted, the leg wouldn't move. Similar to how when elastic bands are out of place, and something is tangled, it just doesn't work right.
So I thought that was pretty major.

Anyways, I managed to get it to click back, so that my leg regained the function of moving again, and wasn't totally dead. My knee had feeling, it was strong, and the swelling was only minor for a few days.
I made sure to look after it for like 6 months, didn't see anyone about it, not out of arrogance or anything, its just I usually get told "if it works, and there isn't pain, nothing we can do".

So anyways, I noticed that the little ligament liked the idea of slipping back out and making my leg not work. And it didn't need much to do so, just an awkward angle, and it would effortlessly slip out of place causing tremendous pain and losing ability in my leg.

Anyways.. Eventually just a few weeks ago, I jumped into the air, and in mid air, it came out of posistion, with a strong pinching affect. The leg was immobile as I landed softly, and I managed to within the next few seconds get it "mostly" back in.
EXCEPT, this little ligament (the culprit from the start), is now on the inside, as opposed to the outside. Aaaaaand it certainly doesn't feel right.

Swelling, pain, etc, and a feeling of a definate obstruction is there.
The balance of the muscles and there tension, is off. The bending of the knee is a bit funky, and jitters at points.
At the point of a bent knee there is an obstruction, and the point of straightening the knee there is one. (it feels like its stressing that little ligament thing).

So I went to the hospital, and the doctor I got wasn't exactly, the top of the barrel (sorry dude, but you weren't, and you know it). And anyways, he managed to be helpful in that neither knee, or knee cap was dislocated.

Which makes sense, cause there wasn't much trauma/impact, to cause the injury in either case...

But what then, could have the power to stop your entire leg working, like it did the first time?
And if you know, what ligaments in the knee could do this.. What could they get caught around, that causes a problem?

The funny thing is.. And the most confusing thing is.. My leg is more capable now, then it was inbetween that whole 6 months of recovery.. Did it go back in place? Did it just get stuck/jammed somewhere else, so the knee can be functional, but this ligament is totally tangled and in the wrong place?

But most importantly, in any of these cases, what are the potential consequences :)

Anyways, thats my knee mystery
I'd really like to hear what people have to say,
but even moreso, I'd like to be either informed of all we know about the knee
Or pointed in a SPECIFIC direction, of where I could most easily come to understand these little intricate ligaments and maybe figure out, what has happened..

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