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When I was 13 years old, I was horsing around with a bunch of kids. I've always been overweight, so when I attempted to do a little flip on the grass, my right knee popped out. I assume because of my weight. It popped out very quickly and went back in its socket -- however, the pain was excruciating. One of the worst I had ever felt. I didn't go to the doctor.

Through out the years, I started noticing my knee wasn't right. You could now hear a pop and crackle when I bent it. Or when I would squat. Kinda gross.

Between, 14 and 18, I ended up dislocating my knee through various, odd and not necessarily too physically demanding ways. Like for example, slipping on a melted ice cube on the floor. Or taking an awkward step down the stairs. Very, very intense pains. I still didn't go to the doctor.

Late in my 18th year of life, I was bending my leg in awkward ways -- honestly, I was just playing with my knee -- trying to test just exactly how screwed I had messed up my knee 5 years ago. And then a large crack occurred. Ever since this crack, I've now been able to [B]dislocate my knee on command.[/B] I don't even have to fully flex my leg -- the knee cap just comes out whenever I command it to. It doesn't come out too intensely, but it's extremely visible and apparent. At this point, I saw the doctor.

Now I wasn't a big fan of this guy -- he didn't really look at it or ask questions, just simply sent me for my x-ray. I went back with the results. He said something along the lines of how I had torn a muscle and that it had grown back incorrectly. And that the groove in which my knee is in, is not very deep at all. And that there was a lot of wear and tear under my knee cap.

He was very against surgery, so he had me do lot's of conservative treatment. My knee is so beyond loose, that admittedly, I wasn't very confident in the procedures. And they didn't work. I went back 3 or 4 times. I eventually stopped going. I regret this since, I'm sure he would've eventually gave in to surgery.

Now I'm 21 years-old. And my knee is still the same exact way. I've been so incredibly careful in how I move. How I walk. How I run (if necessary.) I can still make the knee cap pop out. It still cracks. It still pops. And I'm sure if I wasn't so careful nowadays, it would definitely fully come out of the socket and give me a real heck of a hard time.

I've looked this up on the internet: People who can dislocate their knees on command because of an injury. And nothing. Obviously, this is rare, but I'm wondering if even after surgery, will my knee be fully in its groove ? I'm not into sports or anything. I just want to live a life without worrying about the damn thing. I wouldn't mind being at least a little bit more athletic if I could get it fixed.

What kinda surgery would this require ?
What are the chances that the surgery will work ?

I don't have health insurance at the moment .. but when I get it, this damn knee is at the top of the list !

Thank you for reading !

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