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i have an old hip replacement--done dec. 1990
i now have an ache in my groin all the time, and my hip feels very weak. do i do another replacement before it gets worse?
I have replaced knees and I'm starting to think my knees are giving out so I'm with you. When do I do it?

Remembering what it was like the first time makes me want to run the other way then I remember the PT post-op and realize that it's easier when you have it while the muscles are still strong. See your ortho and let him/her give you some guidelines as to how long you can wait. Don't want it falling apart in your joint space.

best of luck................Jenny
Hi I just had my revision on May 7th and it was put in on Dec. 7th 1990, I had a lot of pain and didn't want to do it again I thought I will just keep taking pain killers instead, well that didn't last to long. Not to be discouraging but this time seemed a lot harder than the 1st one, but I had a lot of bone grafting to be done also. Not to forget we are 19 years older than we were then......good luck please let me know what you decide.

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