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I've had a meniscus tear for 16 years. I am fine unless I do a lot of walking. And since I own a landscaping company, I do a lot of walking. During the winter it doesn't bother me because I don't work. But around this time of year it starts to swelling and hurting real bad. Stays that way until late November. You get used to it eventually. I have. It's doing it's normal thing and getting worse and worse.

But now I have a new problem that is making me think the meniscus tear wasn't any kind of big deal.

Back in October I was aerating a lawn and turned the aerator and felt "lightning" shoot from the very bottom of my back to my calf.

Since then when I walk a lot (my job requires I do) it's like my leg falls asleep, but instead of being numb and tingly, it's all dead and hurty. It's excruciating. I mean, it's awful.

So yesterday I took the girlfriend to Linville Falls in NC. It was a mile and half round trip hike. It should have been nothing for me. I have done 10 mile hikes dozens of times. My leg hurt so bad I was nearly in tears.

The oddest thing happened on the last 10th of a mile. My leg seemed to actually fall asleep. My foot felt wet. My leg was pretty much numb. It wasn't that bad.

But today, I have a very painful spot in my groin area. It is throbbing right now. And the pain is shooting from it to my knee down the inside of my thigh. It's also going up just past my belt line. Like a line of pain with a knot in it.

Did I mess up my back or give myself a hernia? If it's my back, is there anything that can be done for it? I know a hernia can be fixed. I had one when I was 6 and had surgery. But if it's my back, what can they really do?

Am I doomed to work a desk job because of my leg? I am really worried about this since my legs make my living and I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I'd go nuts if I was trapped inside a building all day.

Any help?

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